Tuesday, September 16, 2003

System Time: 1:26 PM
yeheyyyyyy have finished all the revisions for the form.. it's up to my SA to test them and report errors.. (then the form goes back to me).. in the meantime, am here, staring at my monitor, trying not to fall asleep..

..i bought a book last Friday.. it's called: "Confessions of a Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella.. i think its the first book of the "shopaholic" series.. there's a whole lot at Powerbooks.. about 7 i think.. i just bought it because of the attractive cover hehe..

so far, it's very entertaining.. though i couldn't really relate that well to the main character, (am not THAT fond of shopping) she's really funny and her schemes to pay off her shopping debts are really amusing.. you find yourself sympathizing with her even if her actions are more on the idiotic side..

hmm.. i wonder when i'll be able to finish MY chat novel.. BWAAHAHAHA. i haven't even attempted to continue doing my initial logs (let alone finish it!).. wahaha. *wapaks sarili*

remember last time, i said i wanted to buy a Red Hat 9 Linux book.. well i've decided to delay that purchase.. i mean, i'll probably not be able to install that to my PC and study it.. i promised myself to first finish ALL my web sites..

1. put up the picture gallery for my personal website (www.nakng.tk)
2. finish the JB fan site (ohmigod i forgot about this one)
3. use my (minimal) knowledge in PHP and convert the JB fan site to PHP <-- this is gonna take a while

i already downloaded an online web album tool at Jalbum.com.. so actually, making the gallery page is pretty easy.. i only need to find the time to really do it.. it's just that when i'm at home, i don't even LOOK at my PC anymore..

here's my usual monday-friday routine:

5:30 a.m. - i get up in this ungodly hour..
6:30 a.m. - time i leave the house.. dad still drives us to Masinag where the Ayala shuttle services are located (thank you pala dadi for doing this everyday i labyu hehe)
7:30 a.m. - varies between 6-9 pm .. lately i've been leaving the office around 8:30 p.m. because of the project.. 12 hours a day in the office is the max for me..

am usually back in our house before 10 pm.. then i prepare my dinner and eat upstairs in my parents' room where i watch the taped chinovela shows.. Poor Prince, (dati my MYP valentine and Lavender) and Endless Love.. sometimes i would be able to catch Narito ang Puso ko to watch James Blanco and JayR.. after watching i go straight to bed.. if someone calls then i talk to them for a while before going to sleep..

sometimes i meet up with my friends during weekends.. but it's not a constant thing.. mostly just at payday weekends..and of course, i'm usually with momi friday nights..

i mostly sleep late on saturdays.. wake up around 9 am (late na yun saken) and have a movie marathon.. i still haven't watched a lot of our DVDs, so this is the only free time i have to do so.. i'd rather stay at our house and watch DVD than go to the mall.. first of all, i really need to rest and second, layo bahay namin noh, katamad umalis. but that doesn't mean that i don't enjoy going out with my friends.. what i meant was am not that type of person that NEEDS to go out and go somewhere, i'm contented to just lie in our sofa and get headaches from watching too much TV (ehehe).

On Sundays, my family goes to mass at Sta. Lucia.. (yeah, nagsisimba kami sa mall hehe) then we'll either go to Sta. Mesa or just hang out in the mall.. we'll eat, watch a movie or go shopping (my dad just HAS to go to a hardware store)...it's a very traditional family day for us..

and THAT'S my SO-CALLED LIFE. you could wake up now..pretty boring eh? lol!

of course, there would be a few "glitches" in my otherwise patterned life.. but they are rare and far between that i have learned to welcome these surprises and see them as just another challenge that God has thrown in my way just so i could have stories to tell to my future grandchildren about their exciting grandma, hehe..

well.. enough said.. bye guys.. will just keep on staring at my monitor, waiting for work load to come..so nice to have this "am-just-pretending-am-not-busy-at-all" feeling again..

blog u later :)

p.s. ate cha, need to talk to youuuuuuuuuuuuu. 'bout something i can't possibly write here.

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