Thursday, September 25, 2003

System Time: 10:52 AM
..currently listening to Ken.. it's the english song he sang at the concert.. In My Guitar.. it's on the OST of Love Storm, a recently concluded series in Taiwan (with Vic) which will also be shown in GMA.. can't wait..

..we're supposed to have an interview today at prumerica (yep, prumerica pala ndi bromerica lol) but it has been moved for tomorrow at 10 am.. demmit, can't wear jeans tomorrow.. tsk.. i even wore my "power blouse" today.. waah.. watdapak would i wear tomorrow.. on fridays am a shirt and jeans person, i'd have to find something from ate chary's closet hehe.. speaking of my EVIL sis.. i can't believe she turned off the recording of Endless Love last night.. the single thing that i look forward to watching when i get home.. i was so pissed off that i locked her room.. i felt really guilty afterwards 'cause it was my Dad who became problematic as to how they would open her damn room.. hay.. i'm a self-confessed brat (ok payn).. but watdapak tlga.. i asked her "ano naman naisip mo at hininto mo ang pagrecord!!??" and her lame answer was "eh andito na ako e" (meaning she could watch it real time) grrrrrr. as if SHE's the only one watching the recorded shows.. grrr talaga.. i even brought up my dinner to my parent's room where the VHS was located, thinking that i'll finally have my rest and enjoy the show.. nakngpakkkkk tas ganon pala.. KAINIS! nagpakwento na lng ako sa officemate ko.. hay.. so stupid talaga..
/me plays In My Guitar again para ma -good mood..


System Time:11:51 AM
so sleypi again..-_-

System Time: 7:29 PM
..still here at the office.. but have finished the form (yep, meron ulit) so i'm leaving after a couple of supposed to be watching jayR's mini-concert tonight but i've realized the futility of that dream lol.. it's in priking malate which is sooo far our haus.. besides, my father's in a bad mood (because of door-atechary incident) and he'll probably go beserk again if i ask permission for that..

post ko na toh.. be good all! bye!

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