Saturday, October 04, 2003

sows. how could i be so stupiddddd.. hapi hapi puh ako.. LOL! taena! i've got my work cut out for me at prumerica.. they gave me my first task,.. to debug this program.. seemed simple enough right? i mean, that's basically what i've been doing.. but f*ckingshit the code's written in Visual C++.. ..|.. !!! WAAHH! my deadline's on tuesday.. shit.. already asked Davis' help on some parts of the code.. hay... tsaka sa prumerica.. tatanda nila uh.. i mean, i'm super sure i'm the youngest there.. the next one probably is 26/27 years old.. hay.. i miss my officemates in Radix already...

i'm supposed to be studying Visual C++ today.. i will, promise... i'll just have to check my e-mail (well, delete the messages hehe) and update my blog..

DEMMIT! can't believe i was actually happy that i got the job... tsk tsk tsk.. now i have 3 books in Visual C++ and will borrow Dennis' book in Delphi again.. shit.. i have this panicky feeling in my chest and i keep imagining myself getting kicked out of prumerica.. it's not my fucking fault anywayz.. i DID tell them that my C++ skills are bordering to ancient.. only learned it in college for gudnes sake.. *sighs*

my officemates, Davis ARE a big help though.. thank you talaga! sige.. KAYA KO TOH! *ubo ,ubo*

ei erlyn text me .. 9-6 pm ako sa enterprise.. but i get there early and go home late.. text me when you're still there around 8 am.. kape tayu hehe!

si ria din ambait.. thank you thank you for being my lunch buddy..... hay.. big thanks tlga.. pero niyayaya na nila (mga taga prumerica) ako pag lunch.. pero thanks parin! *hugs hugs* thanks din sa free frappe and waffle.. *yum yum* naalala ko na kung bakit masaya ako nung nalaman kong sa enterprise ako hehe!

well.. lunch muna ako, tas install ng Visual C++... tas aral..

i can do this.

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