Wednesday, September 10, 2003

gaah. am starting my cycle again. no, not my period.. i mean,.. this cycle when i get soo lazy to even get up and go to work.. i was absent last monday tas half-day kanina.. dunno honestly what's bugging me.. even momi said he was worried 'bout me.. anywayz,.. i'm feeling a little bit better.. maybe all i needed was a few days of rest.. i had a very eventful weekend, btw..

went out with momi again last friday.. just did the usual stuff.. window shopping, book hunting.. eating.. hmm.. i miss him already.. he had an exam/interview last monday at ICT in makati.. after that, he went here at the house.. he was kinda nervous at meeting my parents.. (i was too) but as i said to him, my family's kinda snobbish so they didn't talk to him that much.. just a few courteous hellos and that was that.. my MOM was another story, though. you see, when dex arrived my dad was watching a movie at our living room, so we couldn't use that TV to play PS2.. so i decided for us to play in my room.. the door was open and all.. then my mom called me and SCOLDED me..."bakit nageentertain ka ng lalake sa kwarto mo!? blah blah blah" and told me to go down and help her prepare dinner.. duuuh. tas that wasn't the end of that... dex and i went outside to our balcony.. then my mom asked me "nandyan pa siya?!" in a LOUD voice and a tone that implies that dex wasn't welcome at our house .. i'm almost sure that dex heard it too.. so i went inside and confronted my mom.. actually, confronted is the wrong word.. i just talked to her and asked her why her tone is like that... sabi ko nakakahiya.. then she got all angry and told me "wag mo kong sasabihan sa tono ng boses ko, pamamahay ko toh, kahit anong sabihin ko o tono ko pwede!" .. shut up na lang ako. grabe. up to now, when i recall the words she said.. it just pisses me off. HELLO???! Matanda ka na, dapat alam mo na nakakahiya yung ginawa mo. oki fine bahay mo.. pero HELLOOO tlga.. grrr. kabwiset.

ANYWAY, that was my monday.. my sunday was a whole LOT better.. i was able to talk to JayR LIVE!!!!!!!!! i mean, really talk to him, in a conversational kind of way, lol! he was featured at myMusic PLDT chat and could be heard chatting with different people through Wave 89.1.. i didn't plan to call AT ALL.. i was just listening to him sing song after song (people keep on requesting him to sing) and was waiting for one of my ka-yahoogroup to call and plug the group when the DJ said "last 10 minutes, guys".. and i kinda panicked and reached for the phone and dialed the number without really thinking.. i got connected at my first try and before i knew it, i was talking to him.. mygasssssss.. che sistah said my voice sounded cool but i was so nervous i could hardly remember what i blabbed on air for 3 minutes.. but i did remember saying that i was from the yahoogroups.. (JayR reacted to that and made sipsip to us haha!) i just asked him if he's really the one that posts there (yep, siya daw).. he even said he doesn't have internet access so he has to cross the street to go the internet cafe and log on from there.. i was really fretting that i forgot about the contest, after a few more questions and small talk i just said "ok, that's all.. bye!"... *wapaks herselp* gaah, i should have won his poster and cd.. i just really want an autographed copy 'cause i already have his cd.. *wapaks sarili ulit* .. but at LEAST i WAS able to talk to him.. i'm soooooo happyyy na hehe!

haaaayyyyyyy 10:03 PM pa lang.. am feeling sleepy already.. i wasn't able to blog in the office 'cause i was busy modifying some forms again.. (was back in the project momentarily)... was just able to finish it today.. bukas la na naman ako gagawin.. i plan on squatting at Sir Reivi's PC again and ask him if i could make the internet form of our Time Report Sheet using PHP.. la lang.. para meh magawa.. onga pala.. i looked at a couple of Linux books and they're not that expensive.. Mastering Red Hat 9 was just 1,100php.. (was expecting 1,800+) .. i'm planning on installing Linux in my PC.. so i'm thinking of buying a book to learn.. plus almost all Linux books have the CD installer included, so i don't have to borrow one anymore..

time to sleep.. gud nite all!

p.s. musta na Ate cha? *hugs*

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