Tuesday, September 02, 2003

i'm so sleypi again.. -_- am not doing anything work-related.. just bumming in Sir H's PC.. listening to RX 93.1 live feed.. http://www.rx931.com/live/windows.asp .. can't get the NU live feed to work.. dunno if the error's on our end or at theirs.. anywayz.. pop stations suck.. they're currently playing an Itchyworm song and the dj said it was a "new" one.. duh.. have heard this song at NU like 2 months ago.. didn't catch the title.. but i'm pretty sure this song's even in the midnight countdown.. ay.. buwan's the title.. hmm..

waah i wanna go home.. i'm so sleypi and it's raining hard today.. almost didn't go to work.. got a lot of new DVDs that i haven't watched yet.. Dreamcatcher, Head of State, 2Fast 2Furious and Bad Boys 2.. guess i'll hafto wait till weekend to watch them...have no specific plan yet for this coming weekend.. will probably spend it again with momi..

hay i'm still so sleeeeeeeeyyypiiii. -_-

blog you later.


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