Tuesday, September 23, 2003

System Time: 9:41 AM
a blog at last! i have been really busy these past few days.. but now i'm finished with my forms, hurrah! can now continue my favorite hobby,...staring at my monitor! hehe.. got home around 10 pm last night,..hinatid ako ni momi.. momi's quite known now here at the office, especially by Ma'am Q and Ma'am M.. they keep on teasing me to him, with Ma'am M calling him F-zero hehe.. Ma'am Q on the other hand, was the one who even called me and told me he was here.. i had no idea he would drop by the office so i wasn't expecting him.. sabi ko puh keh Ma'am Q: "talaga lang, uh Ma'am" hahahaha.. totoo pala lolz..

Last friday, CSC (the client) treated us at Saisaki.. wowiii.. eat all you can sashimi, tempura, sushi..yum yum.. Hans (one of the CSC people) even remembered me from last time's pizza incident.. did i tell you 'bout that one? about 3 months ago, Hans treated us for some pizza.. i'm a slow eater so while the others have finished theirs, i was still chewing away but with an empty pizza box infront of me.. My officemates teased me 'bout me supposedly eating the whole box.. Hans took notice and asked me where i stuff all that food in my body hehe.. anywayz,.. that was then and he remembered.. he even said.. " I see a few familiar faces.. *he looks at me*.. that face, i can't forget!" lol! he even counted the times i went in and out the room to get more food.. how could i not go out for seconds? i was in my most favorite place, eating for free! lol!

the rest of the weekend was uneventful.. as usual, i got a headache from watching so many DVDs.. i was able to watch Finding Nemo, View from the Top, A Guy Thing, Slap Her She's French and ehm.. can't remember the others.. i also made some bracelets.. very kewl.. my mom taught me and i quite enjoyed making them.. i also have a new bedtime book.. (i call it that cause i only read it lying in bed,.. pampatulog kumbaga) It's the usual Girl-into-cinderella type of story.. can't recall the title..

..am planning on going to JayR's mini concert in Arkdia at Malate.. it's this thursday.. i haven't asked my parents' permission yet.. hmm.. pano kayaaaa.. i really want to go.. i haven't seen JayR in person yet.. and i feel envious of the other yahoogroup members who have seen and talked to him in person.. che sistah's a REAL groupie na.. they were even seen in TV holding a banner for jayR at SOP.. hahahaha.. go che! jayR rulz! lol!

System Time: 10:49 AM
.. tsalap ng buko pandan c/o ate melody.. hmm.. wat2do.. Ma'am Q lined us up for an interview at some IT company.. they need a VB/C++/Delphi programmer.. i don't know bout the C++ thing (i just hate C.. i hate it cause i'm just so lousy in it hehe) but i could still recall some Delphi stuff.. i KNOW i could read Delphi code.. Ma'am Q said that in paper, i'm the one closest the job description.. anywayz,..i would really like to be the one accepted (Froi and Koji are THE competition) 'cause of where the client's office is located.. it's at my 2nd favorite building at Makati, in the Enterprise.. sana..will try to remember to open some of my Delphi modules at home.. they're still in my PC, 'cause i used to work at home, back when i was employed at Infostructure..hmm.. will find some online tutorial help..

System Time: 1:31 PM
..uh-oh.. have some work to do again.. revisions of some other form.. (reklamo puh ako ano, eh andito nga ako sa work para magtrabaho lol) hay.. am just waiting for Jhoneil to give me the specs..

System Time: 3:26 PM
waahh bad news na naman! (bad news nga ba?) we're scheduled for interview this coming thursday.. VB na lng daw.. so there goes my advantage over Froi and Koji.. hayy.. my only wish is for me to have this good feeling after the interview.. don't want to recall the interview and think.. "i should have said this.. or said that.. or whydapak did i say that" ...

System Time: 9:45 PM <--watda
..HAY. uwi na ko langya.. 15 hrs na ako dito sa office! bye all!

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