Friday, September 26, 2003

System Time: 2:53 PM

*lets out a big sigh*

grabe.. my hands are still clammy and i have this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach as if i could get sick anytime..

..THE interview happened this morning.. actually, i felt good afterwards.. i mean, they (there were 2 of them) asked mostly about my work history and the different programming languages i know.. there were hardly any technical questions (whew) and basically just small talk..

but now that we're back in the office.. i've realized that i REALLY want to be the one chosen.. 'cause at first, it was like no big deal for me.. i mean, oki lang khet sino sameng 3.. but i learned that Ma'am Q already knows who they've chosen (i dunno why she's keeping it a secret hay) and i have this big part of me that screams "akoooooooo!!!" .. on the other hand..the job WILL be extremely difficult.. they said we'll have to be on-call and report to work anytime (and they do mean, ANYTIME) of the day.. but i guess it's a matter of pride (and ego boost) among the 3 of us..whoever gets chosen will have the implication that he is better than the other 2.. hay.. i keep on repeating the interview over and over in my head and the more i think about it.. the less confident i feel that i'll get it.. -_-

i was able to see Ria and Coocoo at the Enterprise.. first i saw was Ria and i was just so happy to see a familiar face. i mean, i know she works there but what are the odds that we would run into each other.. that she would be in the elevator lobby the exact same time as i was.. very kewl.. was so happy i hugged her and reminded her of our gimik tomorrow.. actually, it's not really a gimik but we'll meet up again (together with Eboy, harbie and anshe.. roni's still not sure) at harbie's house.. to drink and catch up on each other's lives.. then i saw coocoo in the Fudpark.. just a quick hi and hello (i only know him because of my friend, erlyn) asked him where erlyn was.. sayang, aga daw uwian nya (or sumting like that)...

System Time: 3:26 PM
..hayyyyyyyyy.. just want to get home.. la puh ko ginagawa.. *stares at monitor*

System Time: 3:34 PM
.. think Ma'am Q was just pulling my leg when she said she already knows who prumerica has chosen.. anywayz.. i now fully understand how they could say, "the suspense is killing me".. indeed it feels like that.. i could hardly breathe and talk normally.. i just wanna know the result and get it over with.. not even Ken's voice can soothe my frigid nerves..

System Time: 5:08 PM
..still no news from Prumerica/Ma'am Q.. oh well, at least am going home already.. bye !

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