Friday, September 05, 2003

waaaaaaaaaah kabadtrip! have started my blog when i stupidly pressed "Cancel" instead of "Save" when i pressed another tab.. demmiiit! hay.. i just hate redoing my entries..

gaaah. katamad. i'll just enumerate some of the stuff i've said.

1. Ma'am M saw me parading around the office.. she asked me: "ano ginagawa mo, geri?" me: "ahmm.. wala po" sounds familiar? deja vu! lol! same question, same answer.. anywayz, was a good thing 'cause she asked me to read the prototype specs for the next VB project.. word is she'll only need 2 VB programmers and now, i have a good chance to be chosen 'cause i'm the first programmer she gave this to.. *crosses fingers* have read the entire 30-page specs already but only understood about 1/4 of it, lol! Ma'am M said she has a sample running program and she'll show it to me next week, for me to better understand it.. ^_^

2. I' ve been missing the feeling of "panic" every morning that i wake up.. 'cause i've been doing nothing here at the office.. kakatamad, lol! it's time to get reacquainted with that feeling, hehe

3. momi and i had a GREAT time last night.. details of which are strictly confidential.. as they say.. if i tell you, i'd hafto kill you. :bleh

4. one of the hebigats Programmer Analysts at Radix, Sir Rodion, will treat us with loads of beer and food.. la lang.. feel nya lang hehe.. actually, ganon tlga siya pag aalis na naman siya ng pinas, nagpapakain muna.. ohdibuh bait! lol!

5. will meet momi again later.. hopefully he drops by the office kasi nga meh magpapakain.. hitch kami ng food hihihi

..think that's about it.. will blog later if i remember something else.. gaah.. kainish talaga.. feeling instructor pa kasi ako eh, dinedemonstrate ko yung blogger keh Sir Reivi.. demmit.. *wapaks sarili*

4:30 PM na.. lapit na 5 pm.. TGIF! will be able to sleep late again.. (late, considering i wake up at 5:15 am everyday) will post this blog now.. have a great weekend everybody!!!


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