Thursday, July 17, 2003

yehey thursday na!.. was busy for a couple of days because of some modifications in some forms that i had to do.. got here in the office around 7 am (@_@!) so i took my yosi break and then decided to blog first..

hay.. i wanted to go badmin today after work with my officemates but then decided not to.. mainly because of my cinderella curfew that i most likely wouldn't be able to meet.. besides there's still work tomorrow and i just hate going to work feeling tired and sleepy..

..hmm.. still have one pending form to modify.. was my first touchscreen form to program and i have found out that i've made a LOT of "rookie" mistakes in it.. gaaah.. can't believe i didn't have a recordset created for my header.. and i assumed that it would always be a new record upon entering the form.. gaaaaaaaaah. so stupid of me. *wapaks sarili*

momi might go online today.. *crosses fingers*.. hope we could talk via net.. hirap magtext ano.. kainish puh yung fone ko.. it's so freaking slow.. kung computer yun, parang XT siya lolz. nadedelay yung pagtype ko ng letters.. parang di siya nakakahabol saken.. lol.. olats.. everything's slow.. pagbukas ng inbox.. keh bagal.. pag text ko, keh bagal magdisplay ng letters.. ahh grrr..

hmm..bit of good news.. 1 year na ako sa radix! happy anniv to me! have been promoted to Category 6 aka Regular Programmer hehe.. meh "increase" din.. it's in quotes 'cause i bet i wouldn't even feel that increase 'cause of the Tax and everything.. it sucks to be a dutiful taxpayer for our beloved country.. lol.. am just kidding of course.. i'm so lucky to have a job *see me grin* ..nagpakain na rin kami sa wakas dito sa office..EVErybody's been bugging us (lalo na mga bisor namin) to do so.. buti na lng sinabi ni Ma'am Bel na meh darating na bagong trainees kaya dapat magpakain na kami habang konti puh.. lol!.. kaya nung tuesday kami nagcelebrate.. konti lng.. the usual office food.. pancit, tinapay, ice cream tsaka coke hehe.. abah!.. gumastos din ako ng 400 uh.. (huhuhu).. basta at least tapos na.. di na kami kakantsawan..

the new trainees arrived yesterday.. alang kyut :( lol! meh isang pretty na girl pero mukhang asa late twenties na.. actually, she looks a lot like Ye Sha (dunno the spelling).. the girl who stole Dao Ming Sz from Shan Cai in MG2.. kaya medyo ndi ako friendly sa kanya hahaha.. (jk)..

uy.. 7:58 na.. nag dadatingan na officemates ko.. gaaah.. binuksan na ilaw..*squints* -_- the light.. it hurts.. LOL

work na ko.. bye bye


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