Sunday, July 13, 2003

hafto sleep.. it's already past 11pm.. monday na naman bukas demmit. had a meteor garden weekend.. (lol, what's new) even ate ging liked the show.. i tolddddddd herr she would.. she's back in singapore now.. actually.. that's just her stop-over, she'll leave for indonesia tomorrow.. told her to buy me a communicam for my cellphone.. hope she finds a cheap one, lol..

dunno what's up with my friends but my saturdays are booked! seems like everyone wants to catch up and meet.. i don't like going out on weekdays(office/work) and sundays (being a family day and all).. so saturdays are pretty much my free days.. i'll be seeing erlyn, joy, cherry and tenten on june 19.. actually have a problem 'cause my chatmates want to meet in the same day.. 'cause ate kitan's here..she's leaving on the 24th.. wasn't able to meet her yesterday.. rained pretty hard and didn't want to leave the house in that condition.. anywayz.. i'll figure something out..

also invited my ism kada this friday night at our house.. la lng.. cosmo talk lang hehe.. actually, we just want to interview eboy and her latest escapades, LOL. sana matuloy...

hmm...i basically have 6 sets of friends.. my HS kada, my pre-com kada, my ISM kada, ISM classmates perce, my chatmates and my ex-officemates. oh, and plus my present officemates, so that's 7. i try to constantly keep in touch with them.. and most of them have really been there for me during my problematic days.. but most of the time i just like to hang out with them.. (KAYA SIGURO kebigan ko sila ano? lol! *wapaks sarili*) anywayz.. i'm proud of my friends 'cause they're fun and crazy.. but serious when you need them to be... i don't have a bestfriend but it's okay.. you can't miss something you've never had.. besides, i don't find it hard to talk to any of my friends.. and am not that secretive 'bout stuff happening in my life.. i've got an online journal for christ's sake, lol! and i find it also weird to just depend on one person for everything.. to make wento.. to go out.. to help you out etc.. etc.. ndi buh nakakaburden yun? lol! anywayz.. kanya kanya naman eh.. ganon lang tlaga ako... ^_^ makwento naman ako eh.. khet sino as kanila kinukwentuhan ko hahaha..

akk.. lapit na mag 12.. tulog na talaga ako..

gudnayt *mwah* labyuMomiKow

Thank You God for all the blessings you've given me. Thank You for all of my wonderful friends who have always been there for me. Hope i could return the favor to them someday.

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