Friday, July 18, 2003

System Time: 12:04 PM
TGIF! days pass by when your busy.. have a "hectic" weekend ahead.. will meet my ISM kada for ria's surprise birthday celeb later at makati.. then tomorrow, will go to megamall and see my pre-com kada.. plus my chatmates.. ate kitan's here.. will finally meet her.. ate cash is also here from bacolod.. yeheyy.. parang reunion ng mga oldie chatter haha.. haya's gonna be there.. (partnahhh!), ate j, ate penti and syempre si che sistahhh.. in short, mga chatter na ndi na nagchachat LOL!

have finished my forms already.. even tested it a great deal.. so i'm pretty confident with my codes there.. (but i'm suuuuuree meh bugs parin..)

System Time: 2:41 PM
..found a t68 wap site.. woohoo.. am currently downloading themes, ringtones, backgrounds, screensavers.. have found a LOT of LOTR stuff.. gwapo ni papa legolas tlga.. *sighs, lol* the themes are eating a load of my phone's memory though.. will probably only retain my favorites.. some of the ringtones are hardly recognizable.. hmm.. am still lucky to have found such sites.. it's a NOkia world out there.. lol.. my next project will be to create a personal wap site.. though i have NO idea as of this moment how to make one.. siguro meh konting difference lng...

System Time: 2:58 PM
uyy friday nga pala ngayon.. so 3 pm break.. yehey 2 minutes na lng..

..nyerks.. 533 kb na lng phone memory kow..

System Time: 4:10 PM
..woohoo! found a really cool southpark theme.. my phone's southparkithized hehe.. from my theme, to my background pic, to my screensaver.. aliwww lolz.. i just need to find a south park ringtone.. (yung uncle fucker haha) complete na lolz..

hmm.. just realized that my friends will probably arrive at g4 late.. mga 6:30 pm puh.. nyeks.. ano kaya gagawin ko dun while waiting for them.. hmm...

System Time: 4:46 PM
..ngayon ko lang naisip.. sobrang appropriate pala yung song ng Evan and Jaron saken..

The Distance..

the sky has lost its color
the sun has turned to gray
at least that's how it feels to me,
whenever you're away

i crawl up in a corner
as i watch the minutes pass
each one brings me closer to
the time when you'll be back

i still believe in feelings
but sometimes i feel too much
i make believe you're close to me
but it ain't close enough
not nearly close enough

i can't take the distance
i can't take the miles
i can't take the time until the next
time i see you smile
i can't take the distance
i'm not ashamed
that i can't take a breathe
without seeing your name
i can't breathe the hurricane
and still be standing tall when all the dust
has settled down

HAAAAAAAAAAAAY. distance sucks.

System Time: 5:12 PM
nyeks.di daw sama eboy. sows!


post ko na toh..babay!

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