Friday, July 04, 2003

System Time: 2:16 PM
..submitted all of my forms.. though i'm expecting a new one in a little while.. it's my LAST form i think.. the programming part of the project is almost over.. *TG!* wasn't able to sleep well last night 'cause i kept on thinking 'bout my program bug.. i got here at the office around 7:20 am.. and started programming almost immediately.. hay. think i was able to solve the error.. anywayz.. i'm just waiting for the new form.. meanwhile.. i'm listening for the nth time to Harlem Yu.. dunno the title of the song but it's the opening song of Meteor Garden.. LOL! ..i only have 3 songs in my playlist.. Penny Dai's Ni Yao De Ai.. Harlem Yu and Can't Lose you.. SYEMPRE puro Meteor Garden ahahahahah!!! if only i could understand it, i would be perfectly happy, lol. onguh pala.. since i was ahead of schedule, my SA told me that i'm not required to go to work tomorrow.. Yahoooo!!! at bakit kaya ako tuwang-tuwa.. syempre dahil makakanood ako ng MG, Rewind. AHAHAHAHAHA. malala na ako.

oh babyy baby, my baby baby.. achencheymehseyachechiiii AHAHAHA. ano daw!? ewan. lol!

hay TGIF!! chet. tagal pa ng sweldo.. ala na ko pera waaahhh

System Time: 2:51 PM
..received my new form.. (hopefully, also my last).. i don't want to underestimate the difficulty of this form.. the computations are pretty complicated.. kailangang ilabas ang 120% na lakas..hehe.. basahin ko muna yung specs.. beRightBack.. (tsaka lapit na rin break time eh..hihihi)

System Time: 4:50 PM
waaaah.. mahirap talaga.. mga tipong pang 2 linggo toh uh.. huhuhu.. kaya ko kaya toh ng 5 days.. paktays..

System Time: 5:04 PM

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