Wednesday, July 02, 2003

System Time: 9:57 AM

..currently listening to The Red by Chevelle.. woohoo have burned my mp3s and have at least a hundred new ones today.. am so glad to be listening to my alternative stuff.. i kinda missed my mp3s at home.. plus i'm already so sick of my mp3s here in the office..

System Time: 10:42 AM
..printed my Monthly Time Sheet.. i discreetly included Daddy's CESO appeal.. my printer broke down at home so i just printed his document here at the office.. hehe.. oha Laser puh.. katuwa..

System Time: 1:11 PM
..i have a problem. the form that i'm programming that looks easy enough is actually very difficult. nyerks. pak-tay. i've just started coding it and i'm already stuck.. i don't know how to do it.. hayyy..

..currently listening to Alay by Imago.. hay nice song...

...will try figuring out this form again...
System Time: 4:58 PM
..can't believe my test data is time related.. so i have to wait for at least a minute for an event to happen.. wahaha.. now i'm testing if it can handle intervals more than a minute.. still have 2 minutes to go.. LOL!.. this can't be happening.. hu-hum...

yes! it moved! lol!.. wait.. baka luck lng.. will wait for another 3 minutes just to be sure.. lolz.. *wapaks program*

System Time: 6:20 PM
..i gib ap! gudbay!!

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