Monday, July 21, 2003

System Time: 1:42 PM now working on my first Report for this project.. hafto recall my Crystal report "skills".. am so not in the mood yet, so i'm just reading gilmore girls again.. i'm on the 2nd to the last episode ( i think).. Rory got into Yale, Harvard and Princeton.. lucky her.. she's now deciding where to go.. -_- sleypi.

ei.. got a haircut.. just trimmed my hair 'cause i always had these ugly fly-aways and it's such a hassle to iron my hair (lol).. plus, it could be damaging to my already damaged hair hehe..

had a busY weekend.. got home last friday around 1:30 am from Ria's suprise bday celeb.. (yeah, i'm squeaky clean now.. read: sinabon ako lol) ..then my dad woke me up at 7 am (yeah 7! on a saturday!) to help him deliver some eggs at Paenaan.. at least i was able to practice my driving again.. think i'm getting better at it.. was able to drive from Paenaan straight to our house.. passing the oh-so-busy-with-kupal-jeepney-drivers-laden gate 2 aka cogeo labas.. isang beses lng ako namatayan ehehe..

left almost immediately (well, i watched MG rewind first lolz) and went to megamall to meet Ten² and Erlyn, my pre-com Kada.. the chatters were also there so i met them as well.. sa wakas nameet ko na si ate kitan after chatting with her for like hmm.. 3 years? almost all the oldie chatters were there.. jm, ate cash, mel, haya, roy, eboy, hugey, pentuna and che.. sana si ate cha naman susunod.. /me parinig.

most of the people looked the same.. except si jm.. he's.. so thin! wawa. pataba ka jm langhiya tinatalo mo ata ako eh lolz.

/me looks at unfinished SQL statement..

ahhgrr. just realized that i have to really learn how to use SQL.. reports rely heavily on such statements..gaah.. hope ate Joya (SA for reports) gives me easy ones...

..tinatamad parin ako magwerk.. basahin ko muna ulit tong gilmore girls..

System Time: 5:16 PM
..ok.. already created my report structure.. now all i need is my SQL statement.. will do that tomorrow.. i mean if i do it today, watdafuck would i do tomorrow right? anywayz, already have msn messenger 6 installed.. chipper showed me how to install programs that need administrator logins.. really cool.. will be able to install different add ons now.. yeheyy! (especially the cool smileys for outlook express.. hehe)

Rory chose Yale. (Gilmore girls) rory makes the lousiest decisions. First it was Jess over Dean.. now it's Yale over Harvard! gaaaah.

hmm.. will read some more.. 5:21 pm na.. just a few more minutes before i log out and go home. Hurrah! watalongday this has been.
System Time: 5:30 PM this guilt i'm feeling in the pit of my stomach? (err?) .. i mean everyone's SOO busy with this project except me.. i'm just waiting for 6 pm.. hmm.. oh.. uh-uh.. it's not guilt.. i'm just hungry again. must be the vitamins i'm taking.

i've been feeling rich (and vain) the last couple of days.. got myself a facial, a haircut.. even bought vitamins.. one a day for women. was expensive too.. 12.75/piece. lol. so i'm poor again.. but at least i have vitamins. :)

System Time: 6:08 PM
..finished the whole 3rd season of Gilmore girls.. and it's now wayy past 6 (ehehe.. well.. 6:08 na nga eh!) ...gotta go home.. bye all!


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