Monday, July 14, 2003

System Time: 11:51 AM
..hi guys! received good news today.. August 22 will be a non-working holiday in commemoration of Ninoy Aquino's death anniversary.. yeheyyyyyy!! it's a friday.. so yehey again! long weekend!

System Time: 11:58 AM sister's ex-bf is here at our office (with his other officemates from Accenture) training for AS400.. we were equally suprised upon seeing each other.. he thought i was still working in Makati at Info.. sabi nga nya.. "one year ago na buh yon!?".. come to think of it.. time does speed up without you noticing it.. he still calls our house to talk to my sister.. (when ate ging was here from Indo for a week) dunno if they're back together.. actually.. i'm kinda hoping they are.. i feel they're right for each other.. 4 years din sila uh.. i told my sister that it would be weird if they remained friends.. my sister said that it would be weirder if they weren't.. hmm.. really made me think.. ganon buh yun?.. can a lover remain as a friend?.. ahh ewan.. buhay nila yun eh.. bahala sila...

System Time: 12:05 PM
uy lunch na.. nobody's standing up yet.. i've been basically doing nothing since this morning.. read the my MVP valentine summary.. lolz.. oki, ok.. so i'm getting addicted to these chinovelas.. but they're a refreshing change from our heavy-drama-girl-villain-murderer laiden soap operas which can be really dragging..tatanga puh ng bida.. lolz..

ei kakain nuh ko.. later..

System Time: 3:36 PM
..gadamn time isn't moving.. think i've read 2 gilmore girls episodes.. hmm.. have been talking to che sistah.. she sent me two f4 mpegs lolz.. one's a shampoo commercial.. the other are clips on MGII.. waahha.. just imagine.. Dao in the shower.. @_@ LOL!

System Time: 5:49 PM
...birthday pala ni Ria sa Sunday! ehehe.. i'm not good with dates ok! grabe.. tumatanda na talaga kami..

hay.. i'm on my 4th to the last GG episode.. basahin ko lang..

babay lapit na rin 6 eh..

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