Thursday, July 24, 2003

My blog yesterday, July 23, 2003:

System Time: 1:46 PM
..have created my first wap site.. it still has no purpose.. try visiting it thru your cellphones..

don't click the "Ringtones" link though.. kamali ako eh.. i'm still figuring out how to do it..

System Time: 3:02 PM
..was given forms to test and standardize.. we've finished the programming stage of this project and we're now moving on the alpha-testing part.. (read: boring)

System Time: 6:05 PM
bwahaha. has successfully downloaded ringtones from my self-made wap site! woohoo! am so henyo hehe.

go to my wap site! (but your phone has to be xhtml compatible)

will try editing the F4 pics tomorrow hihihi.. babayy!!

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