Wednesday, July 09, 2003

System Time: 10:28 AM
..have finished all form-related coding..gonna start with my update methods in a few minutes.. just reading the first paragraph of my update procedure specs gives me a headache.. it's so damn complicated.. (#_#).. (like erlyn's lovelife.. ahahaha.. *peace erlyn*

speaking of lovelife.. i've reached the point where i've given up on my impossible love.. believe me, i tried..

..after he signed my guestbook, i've been e-mailing him.. mga once a month..hoping that he'll e-mail me back, thinking na baka makulitan siya, magrereply din siya eventually.. pero wala eh.. dedma..

...actually, i haven't thought of him that much this past few weeks.. kala ko okay na.. but then i would see something that would remind me of him and i would have this disturbing ache in my chest.. pero dati kasi umaasa puh ako.. ngayon hindi na.. kaya i know, that ache will eventually disappear.. it's time for me to give up and move on.. he's probably happy and contented with his life... panggulo lang ako..

..i'll never forget him of course.. that's just impossible.. but i really hope that i'll ..gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... biglang By Heart ang asa winamp koooo.. demmmmmmmmmittt. *headstand ala lei para di maiyak*

eka. di ko kaya magtype. -_-

System Time: 10:55 AM
..ayan.. iba na pinapakinggan ko.. *wapaks sarili* kakasabi ko nga lang LET GO NA EH! kanta lang, apektado na.. *wapaks sarili ulit* ..


..i'm ok now.. where was i?.. basta.. i'm not wishing to forget him.. just the feeling.. and i could listen to By Heart and not feel as if i've just discovered that my harddisk crashed and all my mp3s are destroyed.. lol! ( i cried so hard the last time that happened, i couldn't open my eyes because it was swelling so much, haha)..
i'll be able to meet Eboy without talking about him.. and i'll stop checking my guestbook for any messages from him.. i mean.. watdafuck.. i have never seen him personally.. never heard his voice.. what i'm feeling is so idiotic it's almost funny.. he's just one of the guys i've chatted with in my addict days in IRC.. i'm nothing to him..just another chatter..

System Time: 11:33 AM short nagpapakabait na ako. for myself, and for momi.. he's been soo great these past months.. communicating constantly has helped our relationship in a big way.. i can't have doubts now.. now that our plans are finally coming together.. lapit na ng september dibuh? i can't wait to be with him..

..listening to Stranded..
.. i miss you, i love you.. without you, i'm stranded *hugsMyMomiMwahhhh*

System Time: 4:43 PM
..made little progress with my form.. haay.. tomorrow's my deadline.. dunno if i could finish this.. still soo much stuff to do.. problem is, i don't know how to do some stuff needed in my form.. haay.. these are the times when i keep wondering why i ever chose an I.T. course.. am not freaking good at it! grrr..

System Time: 4:59 PM
..hay tinamad na ako.. wan ko buh bat ako napunta sa programming.. i mean nagagawa ko naman mga program.. (eventually).. pero feeling ko talaga 'di ko forte..or baka madali lang tlga akong magsawa.. haaay...

System Time: 5:58 PM
.. yes lapit na uwian..babayy post ko na toh..!

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