Tuesday, July 29, 2003

the VB project will officially end this August 1, 2003.. that's this friday already.. so almost everyone's trying to finish every task assigned and finish it by then.. we're gonna be hosting a party to celebrate the completion of the same project.. sana nga matapos namin..

hmm.. gotta a lot of things that i need to do.. not just in my work, but in my life as a whole.. just trivial things, really.. but i keep on forestalling them and little things when pulled together make quite an impact in one's life..

hafto send momi's resume.. he kinda asked me to help him out.. my long forgotten site.. gotta finish at least one of them and put up some galleries.. my unfinished tasks here at work.. and some other petty things that i keep on delaying..

grr. my officemates have arrived. gtg bye all!

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