Friday, March 14, 2003

System Time: 9:47 AM
...gud mawnin! ^_^ .. am in a good mood today because of the ff. reasons:
1. had a good night's sleep
2. it's Friday today! woohoo
3. was able to bring my eyeglasses (to lessen my "afternoon" headache)
4. have new workload (no more pagpapanggap)
5. did i mention that it's a Friday today? hehe

System Time: 10:44 AM
..ok, ok.. so tinatamad ako ngayun.. hehe! don't know what's wrong with me.. at first i was complaining that i had nothing to do.. now that i AM assigned to do something.. tinatamad naman ako! hmm.. friday kasi e! (eh? lolz.)

System Time: 3:42 PM
...ei.. there's so muuuch food in the pantry.. it's Sir Lainez' (the big boss) Birthday.. sabi nila dami daw beer din.. pero ala puh ko nakikita e! lolz. yoko na, uwi na lng ako kung wala hehe..

System Time: 4:00 PM
..hayy. still an hour to go..

System Time: 4:57 PM
..bwehehe.. bumilis yung oras!? hmm.. toma taym! babayyyy!

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