Tuesday, March 25, 2003

System Time: 4:41 PM
..woahhh.. late blog ei? have been struck by this quote: "When you're in some place.. be there!" .. hehe.. so i've been working my butt off (well.. my mind, then) since morning.. am just currently stuck with my code so i decided to have a break and blog..
..arrived home late last night.. my classmate brought us to some networking company... (me and eboy) gaaah.. even if i DID have the money to join (which i don't).. i totally suck at anything to do with selling stuff.. i'm a salesman's nightmare.. don't know how to sales talk people.. maybe it's because i don't give a f*ck on what other people think of me.. i don't know how to please them.. or make them happy.. my classmate was REALLY good.. i mean.. i don't believe in networking stuff ('cause i know they're really controversial cause some are illegal)..but through him, he made me actually THINK of joining.. you've probably heard of this one..company's called Forever Living.. (wataname uh) they sell Health products and you earn through sales and recruitment.. i gotta give it to them, they have an awesome marketing plan.. it's just too good to be true.. -_-

...hay.. gotta go back to work...

System Time: 5:50 PM
...grabeeeeeeeeeee! was working on this module the WHOLE day.. kept on having problems with my logic.. then it just struck me to change the WHOLE essence of my logic.. the alternative solution was soooo simple i wanted to punch myself for my inability to recognize it immediately.. gaaaH.. was doing the "arithmetic" way for almost 7 hours.. took me just 30 minutes to finish it with my "string" method.. gaaaah ulit *wapaks sarili*

hay. at least i finished it. thought i wouldn't.

System Time: 6:00 PM
..hehe *wapaks sarili ulit*

bye all! have a nice evening :)


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