Sunday, March 09, 2003

...whewww.. i FINALLY found a PS2 game that could be played with a dance pad.. bought a dance pad last friday (after watching the movie with Eboy.. which was soooooo scary BTW.. scarier than Ring 1).. was excited to try it at home but unfortunately.. the ps1 game wouldn't load on my ps2 console.. demmit...the next day, went to the nearest mall (sta. lu) and looked for DDR dvd.. but they only had the ps1 version.. anywayz.. to make a long story short, my console wouldn't DETECT any ps1 game so i had to find a DDR for ps2.. but i couldn't find one ANYwhere.. but i did find a Britney Spears' Dance Beat Game... HAHAHAHAHA.. was better than nothing.. actually.. it was fun though i suckkkked at it.. they say practice makes perfect.. but in my case, i think the more i practice.. the lousier i get.. i swear.. must be the fatigue factor (HEHE)...

..i had a good weekend... aside from my DDR-trying-hard-moves.. i also got to practice my driving skills.. my dad allowed me to drive the pathfinder yesterday... think i'm even improving.. HEHE.. i only got yelled at a couple of times.. (my all time high was 7.. i counted, really) ... gusto kongggg matutongggg magdriveeeeeeeee.. hay.. actually.. di ko mashado gusto.. kasi gagawin lang akong family driver hehe.. my sister's still in indonesia.. (ate ging).. think she's gonna stay there for almost a year.. so that leaves my dad as the ONE and ONLY designated driver.. so i really need to learn in case my dad's not available or something..

..was at the Philippine Heart Center just this afternoon... my classmate Jane has a hole in her heart and is scheduled to be operated tomorrow.. my prayers for her and best of luck..

..hay.. work day tomorrow.. wishing for a busy week with lots of work load... (be careful what you wish for.... hehehe)

bye all! *mwah*

PS: my mom's getting addicted to Gran Turismo.. HEHE.. pat-ay.. meh kaagaw nuh ako sa PS2 haha

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