Monday, March 17, 2003

System Time: 9:04 AM

/me strets strets

aaahhh.. monday.. need i explain further? haahaay.
..was so hard to haul myself up and go to work..just thinking of my pillow makes me want to log out, say "fuck this job" and go back to bed..

System Time: 9:32 AM
...let the joyyyy riseeeeeeeeeeeeee..
had to put my "dance list" in winamp just so i would get in the mood.. am not sure if it's working.. i still want my pillow (-_-)

System Time: 9:46 AM
...ei, my dad and I went to Quiapo yesterday.. (yeah, piracy rulez lol!) .. bought some audio cds.. full albums of norah jones, stephen speaks, the calling, system of a down.. hmm.. oh yeah.. and vertical horizon.. my dad also bought pirated DVDs.. have i told you that we already have a new cabinet for our DVd collection? think it's like 7 layers.. 6 of which are already full.. hehe.. anywayz.. we now have Swimfan, Much Ado about Nothing, White Oleander, StarGate, err.. forgot the others..we wanted to exchange Four Feathers for another DvD 'cause it won't load on our player but the old prick wouldn't let us.. he told us a lot of shit like.. the paper is his but the cd isn't,..blah blah.. (as ifffffff, ano logic ng pagtatatak dun sa papel kung yung Cd pala e hindi daw sa kanya.. duuh.. edi yung Cd ang tatakan nya! ).. ok maybe i'm not making any sense.. well, to make a long story short.. just told my dad not to argue with him.. arguing over 65 bucks isn't worth it.. (a**hole talaga yun!) told my dad not to buy from that particular vendor anymore.. gaaah.. kainish talaga.. yung iba dun.. no questions asked, basta sabi namen, ayaw e.. edi yun palit.. kabuwsit yun.. it's such a hassle to go to Quiapo in the first place.. especially just to return some defective DVD.. tas ganon puh.. gaaah.. olats ..|..

System Time: 10:30 AM
..isn't it weird that when you go to work.. you wait for break times? like when it's 8 am.. you wait 'till it's 10 am.. then when it's after 10.. you wait for 12.. then i wait for 4 pm.. then i wait for 6.. lolz.. that's what i basically do all day.. (in between work.. hehe)..
..i wait..

System Time: 10:46 AM
..think i'm finished with what i'm supposed to do.. actually, didn't really do anything..'cause it was already coded by Froi and Chipper.. just had to standardize it..

System Time: 10:59 AM
*stifles a yawn*
gaah. katamad.

System Time: 11:16 AM
..mah gas.. i'm freakin sleeping, lolz.

System Time: 2:54 PM
..guess what i'm doing? yep.. i'm waiting for break time.. hehe.. actually.. have also been writing to momi.. nobela na nga ata e.. there's so much to say kasi.. haaay.. miss ko na siya -_-

System Time: 3:19 PM
..finished writing my letter.. haay.. bebehave na talaga ako para sa kanya.. kasi aminado naman ako.. paminsan kung kumilos ako eh feeling single.. pero yung iba ko namang friends (and a few officemates) alam na meh bf akong asa cebu.. eh ang dalang kasing magparamdam, khet ako tuloy nakakalimutan ko paminsan.. *wapaks momi*
basta.. ayan.. i'm saying here sa aking journal for all the world to see.. (err..este read).. i love my momi! :รพ

System Time: 4:47 PM
.. now waiting for 6.. haaay.. tagal..

System Time: 5:55 PM
...nyek..dito si Ma'am Malou sa tabi namen kanina.. gwabe.. mega panggap uh.. anywayz.. she just asked when i'll finish.. actually, tapos na e.. pero told her bukas.. she seemed satisfied with my answer so pwede na yun..
ayun.. sige.. paalam na! hintay na lng ako 6.. babuu!


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