Tuesday, March 18, 2003

System Time: 10:39 AM
... ei! just configured my outlook express.. (hapi hapi hehe).. can now receive mail in the office.. with a real-time response from me lolz.. just a drag to go home and find your inbox full.. kaiinggit.. 'cause some of my friends use their e-mail like it's a chat client or something.. hehe.. lagi tuloy ako huli magreply, or worse, AKO subject ng pang-aasar dhel la ko magawa.. huli naman kasi ako magreak hehe.. anywayz.. e-mail me at go_geri@hotmail.com .. save meeeee.. save me from the boredom of office work.. hehe..

System Time: 11:01 AM
..approached Ma'am Malou to show her the frmSelection assigned to me.. but she said i should first show it to our project manager Ma'am Violy.. i can't seem to locate her hehehe.. at least Ma'am M knows that i'm already finished.. that am not doing anything hahayy.. sucks..

aaayy.. just spotted Ma'am V.. eka brb

System Time: 12:02 PM
...nyek lunch nuh uh.. anywayz.. have already coordinated with other programmers so that they could use my code in their modules.. (read: la parin ako ginagawa huhuhu) .. waah olats ko.. have been adding people in my address book for my e-mail.. it's my college classmate's birthday yesterday.. so belated happy birthday Lala!!! ingats ka lagi and enjoy your day.. oiiii..lunch na talaga.. tama na pagpapanggap.. hehe ..later..

System Time: 12:51 PM
..brrrrr it's so cold here in the office.. forgot to bring my sweater *wapaks sarili* haaayyyy...

System Time: 1:18 PM
..arggh.. just remembered.. couldn't print my letter for momi last night.. freaking printer was having problems again.. think i wasted about an inch think of bond paper.. dunno what's wrong with it.. thought of using the printer here.. but.. what if something wrong happens.. like a paper jam or something (manol puh naman ako magtroubleshoot ng hardware).. i would be sure to ask someone else for help, then they would see what i was printing.. nyeks.. yoko nga.. 1. bawal, 2. asar talo na naman ako nun. hehe.. haayy badtrip..

gaaah tagal ng 6.

System Time: 2:41 PM
..yahooo! was given something new to do.. about converting constants to specified language format.. anywayz.. congrats to me, am now being fully used by the company.. hehe.. later..

System Time: 5:53 PM
..gwabe.. weird talaga ng oras.. when you want it to slow down, it speeds up! gaah.. at least i accomplished something.. already created a ttx file for the combo boxes..( in between e-mailing harbie and ria hehe)

will post this blog now.. cyah all!


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