Friday, March 07, 2003

System Time: 1:35 PM
.. currently listening to Rex Navarete.. its sooo hard to keep myself from laughing out loud.. my shoulders keep on shaking.. don't want to be caught..

System Time: 2:10 PM
.. waah just heard the news.. ipagbabawal na daw mp3.. waaaaaah.. yaw daw ni Ma'am Q (supervisor) nakikinig sa mp3 while working.. nyeeeeekkss.. suckssss... :( kainish naman
.. waaaahhh.. NO MUSIC? sucksssssss.. kainish talaga!! eh pagkasabi.. ayaw daw nakikinig pagnagwowork.. ibig sabihin khet ndi mp3 bawal na.. khet transistor radyo puh.. kainishhhhhhhhh waaaaaahhh!
totally sucks! waah.. naiinish tlga ako.. hahaayy..

System Time: 4:53 PM
.. just a few minutes before logout.. gonna watch Ring 2 with Eboy.. anytime i have to watch a scary movie.. Eboy MUST be the one i'm going with.. we're scary-movie buddies.. hehe ..anywayz.. hope i'll still be able to sleep later.. hehe..

will post this blog now..

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