Monday, March 24, 2003

System Time: 9:07 AM
..gud mawnin! ok, i'm back in the office.. most of my workload have been given to Koji so i'm back doing the Report ttx stuff... have been absent at work since Thursday afternoon.. had a migraine.. which lasted 'till Friday.. so i've had a loong weekend.. basically spent it lying in bed while watching a few DVDs .. ok,ok.. not a few.. had my own movie marathon.. just some feel-good movies.. Legally Blonde, Maid in Manhattan, Get Over It.. Crazy/Beautiful (yeah, watched it AGAIN)..
..yesterday.. i went shopping with my sister.. bought some stuff i know i can't afford.. 2 blouses.. a body shop lotion.. undies.. lolz.. now my ATM account is bordering on zero balance.. gaah.. how am i going to survive this week! still 5 more days till payday.. waaahhh

System Time: 10:39 AM
..good thing there are a few holidays coming up.. like on April 9 (National Heroes Day).. holy week.. and May 1! hahaay.. wanna go somewhere in holy week.. if only i've got the money..

System Time: 11:24 AM
..started researching 'bout how much money i need.. for airfare, lodging etc..

System Time: 3:17 PM
..gaaahh.. tinigil ko na pagpapantasya kong makaalis! at wala pala talaga akong pera. demit chet.

sucks talaga -_- between e-mailing harbie and ria.. have been doing some actual work.. my job sometimes entail me to do some encoding stuff.. to prepare my test data.. i'm already finished with that.. now i have to do the actual code.. waaahh.. i'm just so NOT in the mood today.. just really waiting for e-mails from ria and harbie.. haha..
..speaking of which.. I've got Mail!

System Time: 3:50 PM
..waahhh tagal ng 6 madirpakir!!! will meet Eboy and Prince at Galle after work..

System Time: 5:24 PM
..nyahhh!! weird!? uy muymuy! howdapak did u know bout my new site? ang weird kasi kaka email ko lang sayo.. as in ngayon lang.. tas ala lang.. decided to check my guestbook.. tas andun ka na pala.. don't remember telling you bout it.. dun lang sa e-mail ko sayo today meh nakalagay na URL.. anyway.. thanks for signing.. kala ko galit ka parin saken.. reply ka uh, wento!

System Time: 5:27 PM
..waaaaaaaaaaah parin. *wapaks sarili* babaw ko putek..
haayy.. reply ka uh! (oki, can't get over it puh e, sensya na lolz)

..hay.. eboy's stuck in her interview/test in makati.. will meet her later than our agreed time.. demit. gugutom nuh ko.. gusto ko ng.. japanis pud.. something raw.. LOL.. remembered this rex navarete file i heard.. "i'm craving for something new.. something unborn.. " lol! he was talking bout Balut..

System Time: 5:50 PM
..been giving free tech support to eboy via txt lolz.. differences between Property Let and Set, SQL statements.. good thing i have MSDN haha..

System Time: 5:54 PM
..di nuh ko mapakali.. will post this blog now..

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