Friday, March 07, 2003

System Time: 8:43 AM
.. gud mawwwwninn! TGIF!!! i just love fridays because i get to wear jeans and a baby tee.. much more comfortable than my usual slacks and office attire... we're scheduled for another meeting later this afternoon..dunno what i'm going to do till then..
System Time: 9:11 AM
.. listening to John Mayer songs.. never get tired of his songs.. even after his songs are played on pop stations.. it doesn't bother me.. 'cause he deserves to be on the mainstream and be known as a super talented musician.. i want to buy his cd (any given thursday).. problem is, i don't have the money hahahA.. i'm planning on buying a PS2 gun so i'm saving up for that.. (anoo, laro na naman?) plus.. i'm still paying my dad for my PS2 and cable (monthly).. kaya dapat tipid.. (yeah right).. have been briefly reading ate charol's blog.. copied it to a notepad so that i'll be able to read it more freely without the fear of being caught surfing the net.. hehe.. waaaah ate chaa.. aymisyu..
.. it's kinda weird to think that one of my closest friends is someone that i have never even met.. but ate charol has been my kwento buddy.. she knows everything that's
happening in my life.. (even my deepest.. darkest.. over-sa-katangahan secrets..LoL!) .. not even my kabarkada here in the Philippines know some stories that i've been telling her.. maybe it's because.. as she says.. "let's rock the boat"!! lolz.. we seem to experience the same fucking cycle in this so-called madir fucking lablayp.. (oha bitter na ata ako haha)..

anywayz.. i don't know if she knows how much i appreciate all the times that she've listened (eh-em.. read) to my escapades, my troubles.. or just simple small
talk that doesn't seem "small" when she's the one listening to them.. kaya.. kung nagbabasa ka puh ng blog ko ate cha.. ilabyu 4ever and aymisyu and THANKYOUUUUUU!

>:D< (hahaha alam mo na kung ano yan!)

(gagawin ko yung kiss kaya lng di ko alam kung pano! kiniclick ko lng yun e haha)

*mwaaaah* ayan na lng!

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