Tuesday, March 11, 2003

System Time: 8:15 AM
..gud mawnin.. am still so sleypi. -_- my body feels as if it's not connected with my brain.. just typing this entails a LOT of effort from me..
..hay.. hope we'll have one of those meetings again so that they'll give us some new workload.. i didn't do ANYTHING yesterday.. imagine.. doing nothing for 8 fucking hours.. at least i still had a PC in front of me.. *remembers Ate cha's story, lol*


...guess my journal isn't really a journal.. i don't tell everything that's happening in my life here.. primarily because it's uploaded in my site for everyone to see..especially now..all i can say is that i'm happy and that's enough..what i'm doing is probably wrong in other people's point of view.. all i can say is.. fuck off! haha. juk onleh...actually, there's only one person who knows the whole story and i greatly appreciate her patience and pagkukunsinti hehe..seriously, i know what i'm doing and i know that i'm responsible for whatever consequences my actions might bring about..i'm actually preparing for it.. 'cause i know that every good thing must come to an end.. i just hope and pray that i'll be ready when that time comes..

..i wanna reach out and feel you beside me..
take you in my arms right now..
scream "i love you" right out loud..
someday i'll pray, that i find the strength..
to turn to you and say.....

... If i was the one who was loving you,
the only tears you'll cry will be tears of joy..
and if i was by your side..
you'll never know one lonely night..
and if it was my arms you were running to..
i'd give you loving in these arms of mine..
if i was the one.. in your life..

System Time: 9:45 AM
..still not doing anything.. this is gonna be one loooooooong day..

..ei, a thought just occured to me.. i'll be able to continue doing my book! remember my chat-inspired-logs book? hehe..think i momentarily forgotten about it (so what else is new? lolz).. well.. there was my tito's interment.. my ps2.. my errr *sekwet*.. hafto remember to bring my initial chapters tomorrow so i could resume my secret ambition of becoming a writer.. lol! woo-hoo!

System Time: 2:31 PM
..success! hehe. nope.. ndi ako nagjebs.. lolz.. can now successfully convert UTC to Local Date and vice versa.. finally understood that fucking SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime.. anywayz.. still have one more module to make..

System Time: 5:24 PM
..finished my self-assigned work load.. though am not sure if some of my codes will pass the "programming standards for VB"..

If eFormat = DTwithTime Then
sDTtemp = UTCToLT
sDTtemp = Left(sDTtemp, Len(sDTtemp) - 6) + " " + Right(sDTtemp, 2)
UTCToLT = sDTtemp
End If

..that code in particular..dunno if i should have used the SplitEx function.. hmmm..

..anywayz.. just waiting for log out time.. bye all!

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