Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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last sunday was my Lola's birthday.. my family and I went there (caloocan) for lunch.. low and behold, my prodigal cousin arrived.. we were inside the house when Tito Meynard (one of our ninongs) called to us and said.."Andito na pinsan nyong sikat!" hehehe.

Ian's my peeeeeeeeeeeeeyborit pinsan. probably because when we had gatherings such as last sunday, we were the ones who were usually talking stuff about anything other than life, you know?

i posted about him way back last May here.. here's what i said:

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yesterday my dad and i went to taytay to get our cousin's basketball goal.. they're migrating to Canada and so they gave the goal to us.. (it's fiberglass with a 10-feet post).. i really wanted to go with him 'cause i was hoping to see my cousin, Ian, before they leave the country. He's my favorite cousin in Dad's side.. simply because he's a rocker like me and he's always interesting to talk to.. i'm like 4 years (or more, i think?) older than him but i don't feel the difference..i don't know if he's the mature one or i'm the childish one.. whatever it is, i will be missing him. :~(
good luck, Tito Ardi and Tita Cindy! pakabait ka Ian! *wapaks*

it was great seeing him again, but sad too 'cause he'll be leaving around October again.. i really hoped he will be here in time for my Wedding, but i guess, i can't have everything.. he isn't even supposed to be here in Manila, he's just being delinquent and insisting on going home to see his GF.. (he keeps on denying it, yun naman talaga dahilan!) you're so lovestruck, bwehehehe. i guess Tito Ardi, his father, thought Ian would instantly like Canada once he set foot on it... now he really has to go back or Tito Ardi will be monumentally pissed..overstaying na nga siya sa September so Tita Cindy (her mother) had to write at their Embassy that all flights to Canada are fully booked til October so Ian's like on a waiting list..

anyway, hope we'll still be able to go out before he goes back (hoping to see The GF, too. hihihi.).. here's me and Ian at our lola's house:

and us kids.. ate ging, me, Ian, Clarize(my flower girl) and my one and only Pangs!

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