Tuesday, August 16, 2005

...wiggle it, just a little bit

System Time: 10:13 AM
ndi ako mapakali, i can't program, i don't know why.. well, maybe i do know a bit,..i'm so psyched 'bout the wedding preps and our soon-2-be house (S2BH from now on hehe!) .. i keep wiggling in my seat and all i wanna do is surf, surf, surf! i want to go home and finish our wedding website.. (it's awesome, my best work yet harharhar *buhat bench*) hmm.. ano bang bibilhin naming domain name.. we can do the usual,just our names, but i'm still trying to think of something generic that we can use even after the wedding.. (ultra difficult) Pangs is so excited about our house, we went to Dimensione yesterday after work and looked at the dining tables..(so mahal, lol!) but we saw a nice one at SOGO, just 11k for a 6-seater (or was it a 4-seater, can't recall) dining set.. dark wood with matching cushioned chairs.. ang tagal ng september!! *wiggles in my seat again*

i'll pay my w@wie tag today.. good thing that Mama Benz has a BPI account..plus we'll apply for a checking account too.. 6 months yung account namin, pwede na yun! I like the BPI Branch here in Enterprise, babait nila and we had no problems whatsoever when we opened an account. (unlike sa bwiset na Metrobank, sinumbong ko nga keh Ate Chary..kilala pala nya Manager dun sa GB, olats!)

hmm.. ano ba sched namin this week.. we're supposed to meet Jaime yesterday, pareho kaming nakalimot! bwahahah! we texted Jaime when we were already in the shuttle and we said "Jaime, we forgot to text you, nakauwi na kmi, next time na lang" then he said "Bro, (he thinks it's my Pang's celphone) buti na lang at both natin nalimutan. Cancelled yung client call namin today and nalimutan kitang abisuhan. Tentative is wednesday or thursday night" hehehe. So we're expecting to meet him this week.. Saturday is my first fitting with Tet.. My mom's going too and so is my S2B MIL (nanay Siony) and Tita Ebot.. we'll show them our S2BH when we have time (yey! *wiggles again*) ..Sunday is our listening day (don't know what it's called) at TSG.. we'll be able to listen to 10 songs that we've chosen from our list..

oh, and good news.. my cousin, Nina, has confirmed that she can be one of my Secondary sponsors.. yahooeyy! she wasn't sure before 'cause she might be out of the country, but turns out she might leave after january pa!


me, tenten and Nina

hay.. i'll try to work already.. bye all!


jane said...

nayz nayz! post ka ng picture nung house.. hehehe.. kahit d pa nabibili.. =D

mai said...

oist imbes na pumila ka sa bpi (though ok din lang naman..siyempre i was a bpi teller din before) bumili ka na lang ng globe prepaid sim samin at mag-g-cash ka..haha! bayad ka through g cash para masaya!