Monday, August 15, 2005

...busy bee

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late again! hihihi.. i had a busy weekend (as usual).. Friday after work we met Miss Marela Enriquez of Sweet Follies (tel no: 8222971)..we talked about flowers for the entourage and the church.. she's a bit *sabog* but i like her 'cause she seems to know what she's talking about.. she'll email me her quotation for my ento and church so we'll know by then if we'll get her.. i'm also telling pangs to wait for the Sept3 Bridal fair (the big one at NBC Tent) so we can scout more florists there.. (plus butterfly suppliers) Saturday morning, we went tripping to our prospect House & Lot at COGEO, (not the house on a hill) 1M, 240sq/m, very livable house (the house was in good shape, to our surprise) and has this wide area at the back.. Pangs and I are already thinking that we'll put a ping-pong table there, hehe) the only bad thing about it was that behind it was the creek, but it looks pretty solid, it's riprapped and we haven't heard any landslide/overflowing there since we started living in COGEO since 1983.. it's even nearer to the main road than my parents' house.. anyway, we went inside it and it had 3 rooms, a toilet, a living area, a dining and kitchen area plus this huge backyard that was previously used as a shop for making resin products.. (with matching wash area) galing, it's a steal for 1M.. the owner is from bulacan so he doesn't know that the usual selling price around COGEO is 1.5-2M with a house such as theirs.. Pangs was a hesitant at first (because of the creek) but changed his mind after we looked inside the house (now he's as excited as me!) Pangs told Dad to haggle for us 'cause we had a meeting with SWAN later that day..

so with our hopes up, we went to Roces at SWAN to formalize every single detail about our wedding.. Irish was her usual candor self, urging us not to spend more than we already have to (hehehe! naghihinayang sa pera namin, lol!) and giving us discounts in every way that she can.. We asked for additional Bread and butter (1k) and for the soup to be served (no extra charge!) we asked for 2 more waiters (additional 1k too) so the ratio of the waiters to their table assignment is 1:2.. we finalized everything, from the centerpiece, layouts, chandelier to be used for our gazebo, etc, etc.. plus a lot of chikahan after (1 hour ata kaming nagkwentuhan, haha! tuwang tuwa si Irish na uwian na nya dhel 4:45 kami natapos, eh 2:30 kami nagkita!).. I'm really happy with SWAN, so far so good.. *crosses fingers*

LAter that night, we met my HS friends, Kate and Jing at Dencio's in Blue Wave, Marikina.. libre ni Kate, woohoo! (Thanks, Kate!) feel nya lang manlibre hehe..

Sunday morning, we went to Tita Plerry's (?) place.. (tita ni Pangs) ahmm.. okay naman, she was very makwento and offered a lot of ideas about how our wedding should be.. i guess, ganun tlga tanders, they kind of insist on their ideas but that's okay with me 'cause i was previously warned by Pangs and told me to just let her be, so that's exactly what i did.. in fairness, she had great ideas for the program (the games for the bouquet and garter) and i liked how excited she was about our wedding and even offered to take us at Divisoria Mall to look for souvenirs..

After we left their place, we met my family in Greenhills so that Nanay siony and my mom could start looking for their dress.. mahal pala ng mga piƱa gowns uh, 12k pinakamura! they didn't buy anything, they said they would try Tet, 'cause I have my 1st fitting with her on the 20th.. (mas mura pa)

ay about the house, Dad was able to haggle it to 950k.. tas the good part, pumayag yung owner to our terms! 50% DP, the balance, payable in 3 years! woohoo! that's just 12500 bucks a month, meh house na kami! dad's gonna pay the 350k, tas we have to look for 150k.. i'm still optimistic that we could come up with 150k but it's gonna be difficult with the wedding expenses.. hopefully, as early as september, we'll be getting our first home! yeeeehey! *sayaw sayaw ng running man..hehe so 80s*

yun muna, check out my recently uploaded pics nung Bridal Shower ni Harbie here


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