Wednesday, August 03, 2005

...endless loop

System Time: 1:57 PM
just trying to finish this module that Ma'am M said is supposed to be tested next week.. hehe, as if. i haven't even begun the other forms yet.. and they better have test scripts this time, i'm not giving out my program without all the scenarios in clear, concise words..

*sigh* i've been deployed here in Pramerica for 1 year and 9 months now, and frankly, the only good thing about that is that I get to see my Pangs everyday. I'm just getting tired of the work here. It's pretty much the same. But at least things are a bit better 'cause I'm coding a new project. (CMT/Collection Monitoring Tool) At least, that's something new. It's just that this project is so vague and Ma'am M didn't really give me much specs.. and if she did, they're really not THAT helpful. and she gives them to me in pseudocode! i know, some programmers find it better, but really, it's more confusing, 'cause when the result isn't correct, you wouldn't know where to start looking 'cause you just followed the stupid pseudocode in the first place! 'cause you don't really understand what the hell you're doing with the figures! lol!

sample of Ma'am M's pseudocode:
Link TPOL to TPOLC with POL_ID

*sighs* i don't think she gets why i keep on asking about the tables. hay. anyWAY, yeah, i'm pretty tired. i remember this conversation i had with ate chary, she said "alam mo kung ano nakakapayat? yung isip ng isip. try mo kayang wag magisip."
i just looked at her incredulously and said "Eh programmer ako eh, panong huwag mag-isip!!??"
Si Ate Ging natawa na lang keh Ate Chary.

if there's one thing that i want to change in my life, it's that.. my career path. After ni Pangs, pag nag MBA na siya, ako naman. Mabilis ata kaming tatanda kakaisip.

*sighs again*
better go back to work. I still have 3 forms to finish.

arrrrrrgghhh. meh error pa ulit ako sa walang kamatayang FIS. to think, supposed to be sign-off na namin. L O L! asa pa ako!

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