Monday, May 24, 2004


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so sleepyy.. even with Chicosci's music blasting in my headphones.. i'm not a big fan of local rock music.. call me unnationalistic but i just don't dig it.. i like a bit of slapshock.. but then all the other local bands sound like them.. (you know, shouting.. lol).. i could also listen to Bamboo.. that's 'cause i like his voice.. i'm not a solid fan of any of the local bands.. just some of their songs.. like Sandwich' Butterfly Carnival.. most are like a date with your HS crush.. sweet, but forgettable.. i didn't even like ChicoSci's Paris the first time i heard it.. think it just grew into me 'cause NU kept on playing it..not a single local song is included in my "all-time favorite songs" list.. (i can't decide on just 1)
here they are, in random order:
1. Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye
2. Matthew Sweet - Sick of Myself
3. The Damnbuilders - Drive by Kiss
4. Dave Matthews Band - Crash into Me
5. Guster - Demons
6. Chevelle - The Red
7. Die Trying - Oxygen's gone
8. Incubus - Are you In

..think there's a whole lot more but that's all i could remember now.. I even have, like a favorite song for every band/singer.. like for The Calling, Could It be any Harder just rocks.. or I'm With You by Avril Lavigne (nominated in the Best Song category in the Grammys).. i just don't get tired listening to these songs, they're like the fastest anti-depressant drugs for me..

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yesterday my dad and i went to taytay to get our cousin's basketball goal.. they're migrating to Canada and so they gave the goal to us.. (it's fiberglass with a 10-feet post).. i really wanted to go with him 'cause i was hoping to see my cousin, Ian, before they leave the country. He's my favorite cousin in Dad's side.. simply because he's a rocker like me and he's always interesting to talk to.. i'm like 4 years (or more, i think?) older than him but i don't feel the difference..i don't know if he's the mature one or i'm the childish one.. whatever it is, i will be missing him. :~(
good luck, Tito Ardi and Tita Cindy! pakabait ka Ian! *wapaks*

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..finished reading Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.. if you're a semi-catholic like me, (meaning not a fully devoted one,..just one that goes to mass, prays once a day and tries to be "good" but not necessarily does good deeds for others) i suggest that you don't read it, 'cause it might falter your already faltering faith to the roman catholic church.. but i guess if you want to test your faith, you could go ahead and read it.. what's so controversial with it? it just says that Jesus is not a God and is simply a man.. (okay, it's what jews believe, but hey, I'M a catholic and so is 70% of the Filipino people!) i've heard this theory before from my muslim friends (they believe Jesus is just a prophet) but i've never really heard why or how they could believe he is human.. the key of course, is the title of the book, Da Vinci Code.. i don't want to get into the details of the book but it simply tries to unlock the hidden messages in Da Vinci's paintings about the Church.. i don't know if i've just been living such a sheltered life but this was the first time i heard of the theory that the Holy Grail, which was taught in my catholic school as the Chalice which was used by Jesus in the last supper, is actually not a thing but a person. Mary Magdalene to be exact. Try checking out Da Vinci's Last Supper on the internet and look closely to the person seated on Jesus' right.. (your left if your facing the monitor).. look closely and you'll see that it's not a He.. but a She.. Da Vinci portrayed a Last Supper with Mary Magdalene seated on Jesus' right.. (the person has boobs!) the hands are clasped together too, such a feminine position, right? and if in fact, the Holy Grail is about the Chalice, how come there isn't a single Chalice portrayed in Da Vinci's fresco? there are 13 cups on the table, unlike what i've seen on other Last Supper paintings, where there was only 1 cup, held by Jesus, and was passed to the disciples to drink.. why Mary Magdalene? 'cause (get this) she's Jesus' spouse.. the fact is, Jesus IS a jew and at that time, it's next to impossible to have an unmarried jew at 30 years old. And so, the theory gets complicated.. after Jesus' death, Constantine needed a religion that would unite everyone.. from pagans to christians.. since Jesus was so popular at that time he decided to make Jesus a God, not a man or simply a prophet of God, but God himself and Divine. He sought out and destroyed all writings that connects any human aspects to Jesus, including his spouse, Mary Magdalene. Constantine was believed to be behind the black propaganda against MM, calling her a prostitute and reducing her role in Jesus' life as simply a sinner whom Jesus showed mercy upon.. she (as theorized) is actually royalty.. (forgot the family).. since Jesus is a descendant of King Solomon and King David, he also has royal blood and so their marriage makes perfect sense.. the unification of 2 royal families.. Since Constantine could not allow Jesus' divinity become destroyed by a mere woman, he then proceeded to remove any "feminine" aspect of God.. making God a "He".. that's still very much how the Catholic church is today.. no female priests, no female Popes.. Peter was believed to be so jealous of Mary Magdalene that Da Vinci portrayed this on the Last Supper.. just look at Peter's menacing claw-like hand that points to Mary.. there's much more in the theory, like how nothing in the Catholic traditions are original.. all are taken from other religions.. (like a god being born under a star, or mass being celebrated on a Sunday.. which is actually a tribute to the "Sun God".. Sun Day) or how their's a group called Priory of Sion whose purpose is to keep the "Goddess" alive and to keep the location of the Holy Grail a secret.. for the Church will destroy the Grail once they found bones in it instead of the famed Chalice.. it, Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.. research it (it's ALL OVER the net).. and put your faith into the test.. personally, i do believe that Jesus was married.. he walked with men and so it seems logical that he would try to fit in.. but i also believe that no mere man can endure the suffering he experienced.. and what about the accounts on His resurrection.. there was nothing about that in the book.. because it is inexplainable.. a miracle, only a God could do.. Amen!!!

besides, the book has some boring parts, unlike his other book, Angels and Demons which is my favorite.

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will be going home early..sabay ako keh Ate Ging.. around 5:30 pm.. just making the final designs in these forms.. not yet programming.. last night i was searching some jobs posted at ('cause my bond's gonna be ending in July, diba..) i can't help but feel that my skills are becoming obsolete.. let's face it.. i'm just a VB programmer.. i don't even know .NET's framework! most of the jobs posted there have requirements like c#, c++, ASP.NET,, Java.. waah! even if i did handle vc++ here in prumerica i have no plans of making that a career.. di ko kakayaniiin!.. c++ is just beyond me..i cried with relief when i graduated from that stupid vc++ program.. anyway, it just made me want to finish the site i've been trying to make for Tita Estela's company.. good news is that my kada, Ria, is also beginning to learn Dreamweaver MX so i might be getting some help from her (hurrah!)

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still listening to NU107.. Zach (the dj..dunno the spelling) says that he didn't like Troy.. such a travesty, really.. it's a GREAT film.. i've never watched a Troy film with Achilles as the focus and i haven't realized 'til that movie how interesting his character was.. i mean, previous Troy movies (like Helen of Troy) focused on the war, on Agamemmnon and his desire to conquer Troy.. i just loved this version.. (though they did change Homer's Iliad.. In the Iliad, Achilles was killed by Paris.. He shot Achilles with an arrow on the heel ('cause he knew this was Achilles' weak spot, the famous Achilles' heel) while Achilles was parading Hector's body in front of them) it brought out Achilles' emotions and made the audience feel his rage over his cousin's death.. i also liked the fight scenes.. where Achilles was jumping to strike Hector with a spear.. plus my goooshhh.. the katawan of Brad Pitt uh.. no wonder guys hate the movie, they feel inferior to his godly body har har har..

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gtg now.. bye all! have a good one!

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