Monday, August 01, 2005 dilemma

went to Divisoria last Saturday, bought the lace and half pearls that we need for our DIY invites.. will do it as soon as we get the boxes from Tita Penny..

Pangs and I had a heated discussion about our plans to buy a lot.. where, how much is our budget, the parents issue, we talked and argued about everything.. in the end, pangs told me if we could afford it, we'll go for the 1M lot but nearer location inspite of my mother's disapproval.. nobody wants to disobey their parents, but this will be OUR life.. we realize their point, but i just hope they will realize ours and they must know that we take their advice seriously and we value their opinions..anyway, if we can't shell out 1M, we'll go buy the 800k dilapidated house but 240sq.m lot in COGEO.. i just really like the Lumang Bayan Lot,.. Lumang Bayan is located about 1.5 kilometers from Masinag (Antipolo) and is along Marcos Highway.. it's very accessible, and the lot that we're eyeing is walkable(?) from the gate (only 2 blocks from the gate).. no need for tricycles when commuting and that's a BIG factor for us.. to sum it up, here are the pros in buying the Lumang bayan lot:
1. it's very accessible to go to, just about 1.5 kilometers from Masinag
2. we could now take jeep routes like Prancia, Gate 2, Pagrai (ang hirap kasi kumuha ng COGEO LOOB, daming nagcucutting-trip)
3. there's a Cherry Foodarama in front of it
4. There's a church beside it
5. There's a Badminton Club beside it (beside the church)
6. there's no house to knock down (meaning: we have free rein on whatever house we want to build)
6. meh NAWASA na (sa Cogeo, soon pa, pero very soon naman, in fairness)
7. It faces East (sa Cogeo na lot na tinitingnan namin, facing West)
8. There's an outdoor Basketball Court near the lot (but not THAT near that it would disturb you)
9. from our jeepney/FX ride at Marcos Highway, maglalakad na lng kami papuntang bahay.
10. meh guard sa gate (HEHE!)

the cons:
1. mas mahal siya kesa sa COGEO lot by 200k
2. mas maliit pa (178 sq.m lang)
3. mother's disapproval
4. totally lot lang so gagastos pa kami ng mga 400-500k for a simple house

mas marami namang pros dibuh! and i'm sure mom will come around..

yun muna, we'll be going to Lumang Bayan to talk to the broker.. sana matawaran pa *crosses fingers*

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