Thursday, August 04, 2005 on a hill

System Time: 9:38 AM
grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ano ba tong VB ko nakngputeeeek. crash ng crash! as in, show form lang "Memory cannot be read" na! watda. grrrrrrr. *sakal monitor*

hay. this morning sucks bigg time. some good news though, found out that my assigned email account here at Pramerica can accept outside mails.. so you can email me at (that's it dev, zero two) ..just don't use your free accounts like yahoo or hotmail 'cause they discourage that and it's not supposed to be for personal use.. (si Sir Joel nga nagchi-chikka, eh!!)

hay, bwiset na form.

haven't thinking about the wedding lately, more on what lot or house & lot must we buy.. remember the first property that we took interest in? it's in this blog. the price is now up to 900k 'cause the house is already finished. It's newly renovated and has the view of the whole COGEO.. and cons lang ng house na yun eh asa tuktok nga kaya dapat pa kami magtricycle.. tas makipot ang daan.. pero kyut na kyut yung haus, bungalow lang.. actually, i'm pretty excited about it so i'm convincing Pangs na maging excited din! hehe! kasi with just under 1M, meh livable house and lot na kami tas meh view pa.. i even drew a picture of it for him.. i told him, that's how our future children will draw it when they're ask to draw where they live, lol! kasi, edi drawing ako ng bahay.. tas meh puno sa tabi (yung pang gradeschool talaga na drawing).. tas meh vegetable patch.. tas meh doggy.. tas meh kubo sa likod (kasi maluwag din yung likod) tas yung view nya meh mountain with matching sunrise tas meh zigzag na road tas small houses, harharhar.. (pathetic drawing, i know) but still a bit convincing keh Pangs 'cause he thought it was cute.. kasi, we might even afford a small car if we get the COGEO lot.. naiimagine ko na nga maglinis ng banyo dun eh hehehe! (i swear!)

yesterday, pasok kami sa Handyman at Robinson and isa lang masasabi ko, ang saya mangarap! hehe we started thinking of what tiles to put, door handles, which shower heater (a shower heater is a MUST have! hindi ko kayang maligo ng malamig!) and lots of other household stuff.. it's so much fun! it's like playing house, hehehe, only this time, we get to do it for real..

hay.. gusto ko na matapos wedding para iba na matutukan namin! mas nakakatipid nga sa wedding pag makapagdecide na kami dun kasi iisipin ko.. "centerpiece upgrade or new vinyl tiles".. HELLO!? lol! syempre mas priority ang house!
so excited na akooo!!

pangs kow, i love you!


tSaRoLsKiE said...

bwahhaha amen i say to you!

fALleN AnGEl said...

hehe..naaliw tlga ko sa blog mo...i'm getting some ideas ndin...bwahahaha *clap clap* we're planning to get married na wakas!!! hehe..

jane said...

dude! post mo yung drawing mo =D hehehe.. =p para mas graphic.. ;-)