Monday, August 29, 2005 from Word

OMG, this is the coolest thing since ahmm... blogging!  Hehe blogging through Word that is.. so fun! I can actually (oops auto correct yung “i” ko hihihihi) not use my browser to blog! This is sooo coooool! (pansin ulit yung auto correct na capital letter).. okay, maybe not so cool ‘cause Word keeps on capitalizing my letters, hehe.. talon talon  (whatdaaaa ginawang BOLD ng Word yung word between my “*”.. try ko ulit * talon talon * .. ayan, dapat pala meh space, hahaha. Kakaloka. * tries to ignore the capital K *  bweheheh.. pwede rin kaya picture? Hmm.. lemme try..

I tried uploading one of  <a href=”http://”> Aggie’s</a> set-up sa church nya.. not supported daw, hmpft, lang wents!

Anyway, waaaah too bad I heard from one of the w@wies that they don’t allow petals in the aisle at NSDG.. have yet to confirm but, that’s just sad. Speaking of w@wies, HUHUHUHU, I wasn’t able (the auto-capitalize-chenes is starting to piss me off!!) to go at the EB. * HINAGPIS * HUHUHUH. I was sick! Grrrrr. Ganda ng timing, sarap magpakatiwarik. Hay, oh well. (NABUBWISET NA AKO SA KAKAKAPITAL NG LINTEK NA MS WORD NA ITO!)

hehe. Babush muna. Pano ba tanggalin yun…. Hmm.. pwede yun, diba? Syempre pwede, hanapin ko lang..

post ko lang toh, testing hehe.


geWi said...

wtf, ndi supported ang html. grrr. or should i have used "add hyperlink?" hmmm..

Ruy and Liv said...

So sorry you weren't able to go to the EB. Sayang nagkita na sana tayo there. =(

Anyway batch 99 po ako sa St. Scho.

arevalos said...

nakow sis... dont miss the Xmas EB na lang

i'd let you win prizes :p