Wednesday, October 20, 2004 filled day

System Time: 9:12 AM
gud mawnin! i almost didn't go to work today 'cause i was feeling pretty lazy with Jul's site nagging at the back of my mind but pangs called me in this sweet, sweet urging voice na "wake up na pangs.. wake up ka naaaa" hehe. so yun. i'm here in the office, writing my blog, reading gilmore girls. turns out that it's Sir Tony's (the big boss in IT) birthday today and we're lunching out. woohoo! i love lunch outs.. free good, great restaurants, who doesn't love them? (/me crosses fingers.. hope they won't talk about "US" lol)

called Ma'am Queenie this morning and i told her that I would start the turnover to Koji tomorrow.. she asked me, "ano ba project mo?" so i said i make websites.. then she asked me my rate and what scripting language i use... then she asked me "okay, kelan ka pwede?" haha.. i told her i need the november off and she could start giving me clients on december.. so ayun.. ohdibuh, asteeeg hehe.

i feel better with my decision already. anyway, i'll be doing what i've dreamt of doing.. working at home! also got offered a job by Jul.. they've always asked me to work for them while i was still at Radix, but since i had a bond with Radix back then, i couldn't leave and work for him..i'm still not sure what to do, but for now, i'll just try and get about 3-4 new clients first and keep my options open..

System Time: 11:10 AM
/me kanta all byyy myselff!! i dunno where the IT people are.. actually, i do know, but i'm too lazy to say where.. :p basta, i'm glad they're not here 'cause i can continue reading Gilmore girls.. i'm on episode 13.. so brb!

System Time: 4:13 PM
we went to eat at Market!Market! (new mall at the Fort).. okey lang, nothing new.. halaan, nilabos na hipon, inihaw na panga..parang sa bahay lang..pero syempre, free parin so happy parin! plus i found my fave bacolod snack! BANYAdas! it's like broas but better.. yumyum..kain lng ako merengue, bumili rin si raymond eh..pangtangal antuk..

System Time:6:25 PM
uwi na ko!!! babay!

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