Tuesday, October 19, 2004

...bum na ko!

System Time: 8:05 AM
10 Things that I'll miss in Prumerica
1. The Enterprise Building (huhuhuhu)
2. my breakfast of Bagel with Cream Cheese from Country Style
3. smoking
4. the regular paycheck (huhuhuhu)
5. DSL connection
6. having my own local # (lol)
7. Suzette
8. did i mention the regular paycheck?
9. seeing ex-officemates, classmates, friends in this building
10. seeing Raymond everyday

HUHUHU. just called my Dad,..decided to just break the news to him through the phone instead of saying it face to face (i'm a coward, okay, i admit it!) ..it was something like this

me: Daddy
dad: hello? hellooo?
me: Da-ddy!!!
dad: oh! ano?
me: hanggang october na lng ako dito
dad: bakit ano nangyari
me: ayaw ko na, ayoko na dito
dad: bakit ano, sa kumpanya? sa trabaho?
me: pareho! ayoko na pareho
dad: ahh okay, so pano, uwi ka na?
me: oo, sa november.. bahay na ko!
dad: bakit ano ba ulit nangyari?
me: eh kinausap ko na si Mam Queenie tas sabi nya basta makakuha ako ng kapalit, okay na.
dad: ahh, meh kapalit. okay sige.
me: *pauses* ang papalit si Koji, tas mag tuturnover kami hanggang the rest of october.. bsta sabi ng Radix okay na
dad: teka, sino ba toh? ging?
me: WAAH SI CHE-CHE toh!
dad: ay, bastos ka.. anong ayaw mo na!
me: hehe. kaya pala akala ko bakit ang dali lang.
dad: eh kala ko kaw si ging eh. anong ayaw mo na? hindi ka na magtatrabaho?
me: oo
dad: bastos.. bakit? dati nung asa Jaka ka gusto mong maging programmer, ngayon ayaw mo na!
me: eh ayaw ko naaa.
dad: wala kang makukuhang suporta saken kasi wala akong pera
me: eh meh mga raket naman ako
dad: bahala ka! sige, babasa pa ko dyaryo.
me: okay. babay.

waahahaha. huhuhuh. naloloka na koh.

*sighs* actually, kabado talaga ako. ano ba tong ginawa ko! but i do have a plan.. i'll be able to accept the sites from mom's group, Remai (rizal exporters manufacturers association inc) and the software programming from Clive (from the EQ group) and while doing that, i'll just apply for a job that i REALLY want.. although i don't really know what i REALLY want to do yet.. okay. so i fucked up! but gaaah. i'm just not an office person! huhuh. at least nalilito ako habang bata pa.. (bata pa nga ba ako! waah!!!) hay. ewan. lito talaga ako.

10 Things that i'll be able to do when i'm not working full time
1. be able to make websites (and be paid for it!)
2. sleep until lunch time
3. have DVD marathons
4. go to Paenaan with my dad
5. practice my driving, get a license
6. tag-along my parent's errands ( i loove doing that, hehe)
7. meditate on life (hehe)
8. watch Eat Bulaga (lol!)
9. make my OWN site
10. work on my chat-novel (yeah, remember this?!)

see. it's a life i've been wanting to have. there's just one glitch. i don't have any money! waahahaha.

so this is a plea to all my friends.. if there's anyone you know who wants to have a site created.. call me okay!! i have 2 portfolios, the EQ Group and the CD Handicrafts site.. hehe.. help!!

System Time: 12:39 PM
wow, thanks Ria (i think)
here's her text:
"cge, il col u...sa desk mo na ikaw..btw, nakaka-inspire ka ge! hehe"

i talked to her awhile ago and she said she wasn't being sarcastic, hehe..anyway, thankssss >:D< ! i need all the support i could get..

waah miss ko na si pangs kow. huhuhuh. =( ang tagal ng tulog ko grabe, more than an hour.. kumain kasi ako mga 11am.. tas natulog ako mga 11:30.. ngayon, ngayon lng ako nagising hehehe.. tutulog pa nga ako dapat eh ginising ako ni ate pretz, buwsit. maninikil lang naman, bibili daw sila ng Suman sa Latik (or something like that) .. just remembered another good effect of my resignation.. i'll be able to stop smoking! bwahah! i totally don't smoke at home ( i don't even THINK about smoking when i'm home) now, that's good news..

System Time: 1:59 PM
i'm eating some Aling sumting's Suman Latik that Ate pretz bought at Landmark.. and it's sooooo good. i mean, i don't even like suman (you would too, if you live in Antipolo).. but this suman, it's so soft, and sooo tsarappp wahaha. i remember us serving this on the employee gathering but i totally ignored it 'cause i was sooo full already, i even remember Mario urging me to taste it but i looked at it and just said "no thanks".. i mean, how good could a suman get.. now i'm eating my words!!! i'm eating it while reading gilmore girls so i'm feeling pretty happy now.. (nevermind that Sir Bambam's waiting for at least 5 reports and Ms. Marivic is just behind me) bakit buh.. i'm eating suman from heaven! lol! BRb!

System Time: 3:37 PM
arrghh.. tsaket ng tsan ko.. yung suman ata! buwsit! i've just finished modifying some of the reports for FIS.. gawd, i have soo much stuff to do! didn't realize that quitting could be so tasking.. *sighs*

System Time: 3:46 PM
sir Bambam just gave me an inch-thick set of reports.. huhuhuhu. saklap.

System Time: 5:29 PM
isa na lng natitira. isang matinding error na ndi kaya ng powers ko. hay. sarili kong error, di ko kayang i-ayos. pak it!

System Time: 5:50 PM
ohmahgod.. i think i'm having a toothache.. waah, i am, i am having a toothache!! waah tsaket! i like forgot how awful this feels.. waah, what's wrong with my tooth! am i not brushing all the time? not flossing? HUHHUU. tsaket. hmm.. nawawala.. ano buh yun.. bakit wala na.. baka yung jaw ko lang.. hmmm.. weird.. sana umuwi na si Ma'am M para makauwi na rin ako, before i imagine other illnesses.. i'm gonna post this blog now.. loveyou pangs! missyou!

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