Tuesday, October 05, 2004

...happy birthday ulit ate cha!

as you can see, i've discovered the wonders of photo blogging harharhar.. i found this great, great site, flickr.com and it allows me to post directly to my blog.. cool, eh? anyway, i have still LOADS of stuff to do.. my work, my sidelines (2 websites) and the last movie i've seen is...shiiit i can't remember! waaaaaaaaah. this is bad.. i've missed the Bourne Supremacy, Resident Evil.. waaah. saturdays are spent mooning over my PC and trying to update the sites.. haaay.. i'm supposed to be giving Ma'am M an executable file for LIPS and i'm pretty scared to give her one 'cause i won't be able to hide my bugs any longer wahahaha!

ate cha, i'm so sorrryy, i wasn't the one who texted you on your birthday! HUHUHU. i hope you had fun (and was fulfilled!) on your birthday and congrats for ending your quarter-life crisis.. (well, you know what i mean! ur 26! lol!) now you enter your mid-life crisis hahaha.. >:D< you're such a wonderful person and a great friend and all i wish for you is happiness.. (and a degree! go go ate cha!) and sana, sana, saaaana matuloy na uwi mo dito, ok? i love you! belated happy birthday!! >:D< >:D< >:D<

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Charolism said...

gewwwwwwwwwwi hahaha teynk yu! sino kaya yun LOL ... anyways i like the hair huh! very nice and very feminine! hi pangsssss !!! pakabait kayong dalawa LOL mwaaaaaaaaaaaah