Thursday, October 28, 2004

...yey day

System Time: 8:49 AM
hay. wala si pangs today. this is gonna be one loooong day.

good thing that Ma'am M's not going to work today as well, 'cause she said she has some wedding to attend. TG for small favors, hehe. at least i could slack it off today, without Ma'am M breathing down my neck every few minutes saying "Geri, okay na?".. looks like i'll still be going to work next week, with my 2-page-long list of pending items.. hahayy.

of course, there are still some good news.. i'll be receiving the 2nd half of the EQ payment soon! hurrah! i finally finished that site (oops, almost finished, there's still one page i'm waiting to fill up with their info) but i already sent an invoice for a cool 8k. yey. i'll also be sending an invoice in Jul's site, another 5k. yey again. syempre pambayad ko lang ng phone bill and credit card and utang yun, but at least, meh pambayad dibuh? lol! medyo gipit talaga at tama bang maningil pa ako ng meh utang saken. wahaha nagtext pa ako at naningil talaga, sana maawa saken hehe.

anyway, yesterday was another prAmerica Employee Gathering and the theme was Halloween so it was really fun to see the tanders in full blown costumes.. free food, (meh kwekkwek! bwehehe) great laughs, ..saya! i'm hoping i could ask someone who took pictures for some of the shots so i could upload it to my flicker site..

System Time: 9:19 AM
nothing brightens a non-pangs day like a Maroon 5 playlist..currently listening to Shiver

There may not
Be another way to your heart
So I guess I'd better find a new way in
I shiver when I hear your name
Think about you but it's not the same
I won't be satisfied I?m under your skiiiiin yeahhh yeahh yeahhhhhhh

System Time: 10:39 AM
looooong dayyy. will be lunching out with Kate today..

System Time: 11:12 AM
woohoo! Ma'am Grace of EQ called, i'll be receiving my payment next week yey! then i just received this email from Clive:


Thank you for all your work on the website.

The rate of Php100 per hour and 3 day turnaround is fine for future work.

Given that you are going to be free from mid Nov for a few weeks, IF you are interested, there are two things that EQ needs doing that you may wish to work on:

1.We need to somehow make our contacts available to each other and get to having an EQ prospect/contact database rather than lots of individual ones on our laptops (we all use Office 2003 Professional so I think this may be reasonably easy)
2.We wish to develop a web accessible lead management tool for tracking invitations to seminars, attendance at seminars, follow up activity, referrals etc. This to be used for several countries and several clients so with several ring fenced pools of data
3.As an aside, we may be interested in extending 2 above to be a general lead and activity management system for financial services sales people

If you are looking for work rather than a break during Nov/Dec, it might be worth you meeting with Greg and I. If so, any chance before Friday evening this week?



yey!!! i'll be working at home woohoo!

System Time: 1:53 PM
grabe, uber-weird.. Kate and I were walking towards Powerbook (greenbelt) and she was talking about the book, Five People You meet in Heaven, when i felt i was suddenly out of breath and kinikilabutan..i just thought that it was something bout the book why i was feeling that way when Kate said "grabe naman! sobrang kinilabutan ako dun uh!" ayun, scary. i dunno what happened.. did we disturb some spirit hanging out there? if so, dapat tumabi-tabi siya kasi daanan yon noh! lol! hay ewan, siguro naempacho lang kami ni kate hehe

ANYWAY, i've always that there's a Young Adult section in every bookstore but i don't really go there anymore since Young Adult reminds me of Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High.. so when Kate saw a Gossip Girl book displayed just at the entrance of the store so i went to look where it was properly displayed.. it wasn't in the Fiction section so i asked at the Customer Service and they said it was in the Young Adult section.. i was a bit appalled 'cause i've always thought that i was wayy past that but wowww.. all the books that i've searched at Amazon were there! Sisterhood of Travelling Pants, Meg Cabot books, "Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson " and like 6 Gossip Girl books lol! it's so cool! so i bought the first Gossip Girl book and if i like it, i'll buy the rest of the series..... Young Adult.. who would've thought..(plus Young Adult books are wayy cheaper!)

System Time: 2:30 PM
gosh, Mandarin Oriental Cigar Bar daw magkikita sabi ni Clive..ndi pa ako nakakapasok dun. hmm. sana pwede kong isama si Raymond.. para pag naligaw ako, 2 kami! hehe. post ko na toh.. haba na eh.. bye all!

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