Monday, October 18, 2004

...what have i done!! lol!!!

System Time: 7:18 AM
mondayyy na naman.. i'm gonna have a busy week (probably go OT everyday) 'cause i have a lot to catch up.. i'm supposed to be starting the Database conversion this week, but i still haven't started my Client Listing Module.. anyway, i had a greeat weekend 'cause i spent it with pangs again.. he went to my house and he finished my CD Handicrafts site hehe.. i felt kinda guilty 'cause he did most of the work but he said i shouldn't mention it 'cause he really wants to help me get this project done with but still, i am EXTREMELY grateful that i have a super galing and sweet boyfriend. *mwah* you can see it here, the inquiry stuff are fully functioning, Jul receives an email for every person who inquired for their products..i'm soooo happy.. actually, it still needs some finishing touches but otherwise, it's great! *hugs pangs*

System Time: 8:25 AM
think something's wrong with the network.. can't even print my DTR.. gawwd i was absent for 2 whole days just this cut-off.. nyerks..

hindi ako makaprint! >_<

at wala na si chona! this day sucks! LOL! syempre apektado ako keh chona lol.. waah ate cha, kaw na lng, kunwari DH ka HAHAHA! jk jk >:D<

System Time: 8:49 AM
waah moooove geri! i'm not working gaaah. i'm staring at my monitor as usual, as if my program's gonna run by itself.. *sighs* hayyy ang lamig puh.. gusto kong ma-hug si pangs.. huhuhuhu

last friday i met up with CJ (as in CjManalo, my ex) and we had lunch together.. i was with Raymond, of course and it was great seeing him again after all these years.. think i saw him like 2 years ago.. he had a meeting somewhere here in makati and he texted me if we could meet for lunch.. i said yes without really thinking...when i told raymond, he was kind of.. can't really describe it, just that he became quiet and all first, i couldn't understand why he was acting that way but now i know he was just thinking that it was strange for me to meet my ex for no apparent reason..he did realize, afterwards, that CJ is JUST a friend, and he has nothing to worry about (i'm yours!!) anyway, what's new with CJ is that he's currently working on Ambergris but he'll probably take the job he'd been recently offered here in Makati.. it's a Japanese-owned company so they'll be taught basic Nihonggo and be sent to Japan for more training! waah kainggit! lol! sabi nga ni CJ, naalala nya ko kasi nga, gustong gusto kong makarating sa Japan (kakapanood ko ng "Oh Tokyo!" ehehe) tapos tanong pa nya "ano, nakuha mo na yung dream car mo?" syempre sabi ko, hindi pa! tas sabi nya "nagmura na nga yung Ford Explorer eh, 1.3 na lng" bwhaha as if. but yung point dun eh, alam nya tlga yung mga dreams ko and it's always nice to have friends who look out for your dreams..

System Time: 11:08 AM
gawwd, am actually thinking of leaving Prumerica at the end of this month.. talk about indecisive.. it's just that.. ayaw ko na magprogram eh.. takte, 1 taon na ko dito! waah. i am definitely a 1-year-itch kind of person..ayaw ko naaa. tinext ko na nga yung Project Manager ko dito sa Pramerica (prA na pala, name change), tinanong ko na kung pwede bang hanggang october na lng ako..

System Time:1:11 PM
seryoso ako dun sa hanggang end of october na lng.. papagod na ko! ayaw ko na ng 8-5 na job.. gusto ko sa bahay na lng ako tumanggap ng project, tutal, freelance na rin naman ako ngayon, itodo ko na.. dun na lng ako sa bahay, tipid pa sa pamasahe at sa fud!

System Time: 1:42 PM
ano buh yan, ndi nagrereply saken si Sir Jojo tas si Ma'am Q, ndi ko mahagilap (either asa CR, or ala sa desk..arrggh) .. dapat macontact ko na sila habang ndi pa nagbabago isip ko..

System Time: 1:58 PM
nagtext na si Sir Jojo:
"Geri, bka pwede tapusin nlng ntin ang dec. para makapaghanda rn c sir joel"

waah. ayaw ko. -_-

kaya nga hanggang october lang pinirmahan ko eh! :(

System Time: 5:37 PM
okay, it's final. i'm gonna be a bum at the end of october. YEY!!!! Koji's gonna replace me here in Pramerica.. already told Ma'am Q, Ms. Marivic and Sir joel.. it was relatively easy, actually (perhaps they were a bit glad that i'm leaving, harharhar)

gooosh, what a day. hehe. one minute i'm a taxpayer, next second, i'm not! hihihi.

i'm not feeling that happy actually, siguro dhel ndi pa nagsisink-in yung ginawa ko! bwahaha. i'll have time to make my own site AND finally accept the site for the different members of philexport. i'll be able to sleep 'til 10 am and watch DVD all day! hihihi. (it's starting to sink what have i done!!!! bwahahaha!

yari ako sa tatay ko. wahaha!

System Time: 5:45 PM
this week na papasok si Koji dito para makapagturn-over ako eh.. WHAT HAVE I DONE! lol! okey lng tohhh.. iisipin ko na lng na makakaapply parin ako pag ayaw ko na maging bum .. hehe.. bye all! wish me luck!!!

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