Wednesday, October 27, 2004

...amazony shopping

... just got off the phone with pangs.. ily! anyway, i'm about to disconnect, i just wanted to thank the person who commented in my blog.. thanks for visiting my blog! actually, i have Can You Keep a Secret already by Sophie Kinsella.. it's a good read, a totally different heroine but still as funny as Rebecca Bloomwood.

..i'm pretty excited too 'cause since Ate Ging's in US, she can buy online now without the international shipping costs.. woohoo! i chose the Gossip Girl series for her to buy for me.. they're not available at Powerbooks ( or at least, i think so) so i'm reeeaallyyy excited that Ate can take them home with her.

good night all! sleep na ko!

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Anonymous said...

hey there! musta na? miss na kita pangs! pasensiya ka na ha, dami ko lang talaga kailangan gawin eh! I love you pangs! I will always do, kahit busy ako minsan!

>:D< mwah!