Friday, October 08, 2004


System Time: 8:09 AM
i'm in suuuper tipid mode so i'd have to content myself with just browsing thru the net , looking at make-up stuff...
found this great site, which features 150 Best Beauty Products .. so fun to window shop! (in this case, my window's my monitor, hehe) haay, too bad i'm in debt. LOL!

i'll have a movie-less weekend again, but i'm still happy that it's friday, 'cause i'll be able to make the sites (so that i'll be able to buy the Bobby Brown Foundation Stick, LOL!), i have the Eq Group and CD Handicrafts site to FINISH. as in finish. waaah! i'm readying myself 'cause i'll probably be staying up late tonight.. here in the office, i've been feeling pretty productive lately, unlike the past few weeks where i'd stare at my monitor for almost the whole day.. that's also the reason why i've just been posting pics and not writing as much..

System Time: 8:32 AM
nyyyyayy. text na si Jul, (Cd Handicrafts) regarding updates on the site.. ano namang sabihin ko.."wala, walang update!" bwahaha.. kelangang maka-uwi na waaah. buti na lang mabait siya at hindi ako kinukulit mashado..

System Time: 9:31 AM
ka-text ko si Roni, my friend who was recently married..she and her husband are now living in an apartment near her in laws..i asked about her wedding gifts and she said she received 6 rice cookers! lol! that must be a wedding-gift-record breaker..hehe..anyway, hope our kada could visit their apartment soon...

System Time: 10:48 AM
sir Loret sent this to our email..
"For those did not enroll yet you have to sign-in now today is the last days." (he wrote it in big bold letters) actually, the first line said "Here are the list of Participant's"... wahaaha meh apostrophe pa talaga eh..

System Time: 10:50 AM
meh pahabol pa pla sa email:
Thanks you,

ehehe. mala-Chona buh? LOL!

System Time:1o:51 AM
grabe, lakas na ng loob nilang mang-asar uh.. dati, pahapyaw-hapyaw lang eh, ngayon todo bigay na.. sir L asked me what my full name was so i said
me: "Ann Gretchen po, walang E yung Ann"
sir L: "ano surname mo?"
me: "Espinosa po"
sir L: "kala ko Arenas" (that's Raymond's surname)

abah! mah gas. tas si Sir Joel, hirit pa
Sir j: "oi, narinig ko yun uh, huli na ata ako sa balita"
sir L: "eh nagtatanong lang naman kasi ako, baka nag iba na ng apelido"
sir j: "si jojo ba, updated ba dyan.. siya ang tatanungin ko"
me: "mas huli po ata sa balita si sir jojo, ehehhe"
sir j: "ganon ba, ako na lang ang magkukwento"
sir j: "marivic, huli ka rin ba sa balita?"

bwahaha. tas syempre inalok ko sila ng chocolate..

sir j: "o, baka bigay sayu toh, uh"
me: "hindi poooo, binili ko yan"
sir l: "ang sweet naman, asan ang roses?"
me: *tawa lang*
sir l: "baka magalit samen uh, sabihin, binibigyan ka tas pinapamigay mo lang..kilala ko pa naman yun"
sir j: "onga, tumatawag pa nga yun dito, ako pa nakakasagot"
sir j ulit: "baka nagcelebrate na ng month anniversary (mansari, sir) yan, hindi tayo iniimbita"
sir l: "syempre, iistorbo ka naman dun"
sir j: "marivic! ano, kaw ba naimbitahan sa month anniversary?"
mam m: "mas tsismosa pa kayo kaysa saken!"
sir j: "ndi tsismis yun, fact yun.. F-A-C-T"

WAAAAHAHAAH. todo na toh.

System Time: 11:16 AM
miss ko na tuloy si raymond. huhuhuh. 1 oras ko na siyang hindi nakikita! LOL! mnk!

/me currently listening to Lifehouse - Breathing

'cause i am hanging on every word you say and even if you don't want to speak tonight, that's all right with me, 'cause i want nothing more than sit outside heaven's door and listen to your breathing.. it's where i want to be

System Time: 1:09 PM
bought the latest Meg mag (i don't buy mags a lot, it's my sister who does, but she usually just buys Preview & Cosmo & other chismis mags).. has their first ever beauty awards.. liked the products they featured 'cause they have more affordable stuff.. (unlike Preview where there definition of cheap is 600 bucks!) grrr. so frustrated that i'm in tipid mode. they even featured some of the stuff i use! like my prestige make-up blush, tea tree oil concealer from bodyshop, st.ives apricot scrub and fasio stuff. =) they showed Nivea Lipbalms too but personally, i like Blistex better (Lip Tone) 'cause it never dries my lips and has this nude rosey tone that acts as your everyday lipstick..

System Time: 1:23 PM
dex called again. actually, he doesn't speak. everyday since he got back, he calls around this time..and after i say "IT Hello" he hangs up the phone. *sighs* kanina nung nagring nag "hello" na lang ako kasi alam ko bababaan din naman ako. nag-pause pa nga muna ako eh.. tas after a second i said "hello" tas ayun. binaba nga. of course i have no proof that it's him.. but dAAh. haay.

System Time: 1:51 PM
yeyyy! i found the best air freshener for my problematic work area.. orange peels! weee! sir jayson was eating an orange and now we have an instant deodorizer/freshener.. no more bulok-leather smelling area hihihi.. (at least for now!) /me nakakahinga na, lol

System Time: 2:01 PM
i'm listening to my all-time fave alternative tracks cd that i burned for raymond.. so i'm sort of feeling sentimental 'cause these tracks were popular when i was in college/right after graduation and i miss those days.. it also reminds me some not-so happy times.. and of PC.. i'm not even sure if he's a HE! lol! most of them were HIS favorites, and gave me some of his mp3s.. there's Caught in the Sun by Course of Nature (i just loooove this song), Here's to the Night by Eve 6, Bad Day by Fuel, and every single Vertical Horizon song. of course i'm sad that the last i've heard of him was his entry in my guestbook last, last year.. (i can't really remember) it just said "nice site gewi. Pidru".. he was even the first person to call me geWi.. after that, everyone in #ust was calling me geWi..he made me some kick-ass logos that i placed on my first ever site, (so the "nice site gewi" comment was big for me, coming from him, 'cause i made that site all by myself).. it was also the last time i cried because of a boy.. (and the last time i would be rejected by one! itaga mo yun sa bato!! lol) if i still talk about him, it's only because i had no closure.. he simply disappeared out of life.. i've learned to live with that, and i've certainly moved on.. he's still in my wish list, though.. only so i would know i wasn't imagining what i was feeling back then.. i really wish he'd drop a line or email me or leave me his email.. i used to write to an email address (i don't know if it's really his) EVERYday.. then it became every week.. then every month.. then i stopped.. it was pathetic. and i was so tired of thinking about him. i even stopped talking about him here 'cause i'd be left feeling melancholy after writing about him, plus i've lost that tiny, tiny hope that he still checks out my blog once in a while, and that he'll leave a comment or something for me.. 'cause of course, he never did. i guess it's easy to disappear in cyberspace..honestly, there are still times when i'll feel sad when i think of him, but lately, i haven't thought about him as much...and when i think about him, i don't feel that kind of sadness as before, just that i miss our chats..and i'm just wondering how his life has been.. i'd tell him about dex...and i'd tell him raymond, my pangs...i would bet he'd probably like raymond better for me..he wasn't too fond of dex especially when dex went MIA for almost a year =(.. i'd tell him that Eboy and i don't speak anymore and tell him all the unforgivable stuff Eboy did to our so-called friendship..i'd tell him i'm glad he rejected me 'cause he was right, it wouldn't have worked out..i'd tell him how i've changed because of him, became less idealistic and more realistic.. and i'd tell him how happy and lucky i am with raymond..and that i wish raymond would be my last love.. and i'd ask him if he already met his "tangible" love..

hmmm..i feel odd talking about him again, it's like i'm talking to a ghost..if he does exist, he probably doesn't even remember me anymore, much less think about me.. that thought doesn't sadden me any longer,.. it just affirms my belief that everything happens for a reason, 'cause if something different happened back then, it might not lead to this present time, to my present situation, to my pangs..and if THAT happened, THAT would definitely be something to regret..

love you raymond..*mwaaaah* DLM..

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