Tuesday, October 26, 2004


System Time: 6:48 PM
ahuhuhuh. have so MUCH stuff to do. Ma'am Marivic already asked me to extend at least a week before i resign.. huhuh. ayaw ko. at least pangs is on my side, he's the unlucky one i'll be turning LIPS over to.. sorry pangs, olats ako magprogram. iloveyou! sana love mo parin ako hehe..

i'll be going home around 7pm, ei, full workload or not, 12 hours is TOO much time spent at the office.. i can't neglect my TV life! lol! i'm just so grateful that pangs is ever so supportive of me and ignores my mood swings.. i just hope i can cram everything in the next couple of days so i could at least give him an error-less ( take note: less, not free lol) program..

well.. i'll miss this. hope i'll still be able to blog even at home. (it's hard for me to sit and write at home, dunno why, probably 'cause i've got better things to do like watch TV or sleep, lol)
bye guys! wish me luck!

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