Thursday, July 28, 2005

...budget breakdown

System Time: 10:30am
less than 6 months to go and we've already spent 134++k on our suppliers..even if we've exceeded on some parts (but it was mainly on the food, 'cause our original 150 guests became 200) , i'm still happy 'cause we still have about 80+k for our wedding fund in the bank.. we usually give 7k per payday on our wedding fund but i haven't been able to give my part 'cause i sort of forgot about my insurance payments (hehe) so i'd have to forego the wedding fund for a couple of months and save up for that instead.. (24k due on october.. huhuhuh) not having the LIPS project doesn't help either, more reason to go OT, which means less pay.. *sighs* we're trying to finish the rest of our freelance website projects, so we can add a bit of everything to our fund..

Tita Penny texted me and said that the boxes are ready for pick-up! and the best part it, she said it was free! yahoo! i ordered 10 6x6 1"thick boxes from her (just paper boxes) and 100 6x6 .5" thick boxes.. the 1" thick for our ninang's necklaces and the .5" for our invites.. we'll just be decorating the boxes with sinamay, abaca, bamboo and fake pearls..i don't think it's gonna 'cause us that much, maybe about 1.5k for the materials..

i've received a lot of advice from w@w and i'm so grateful 'cause they told me which areas i could cut our budget further.. (like HMUA, hotel rooms, souvenirs, etc)

hay, ang gastos parin. we're about to start looking for our home and i just want to get the wedding preps over with so we could concentrate on finding and furnishing our house.. Pangs has more or less decided on buying a lot at Lumang Bayan.. that's at Marcos Highway, about a kilometer from Masinag.. we like it there 'cause there's a big Cherry Foodarama infront of it, a Church and a Badminton Court! hehe! and we'll only have to walk a couple of blocks from Marcos Highway to get there..

teka.. kain na daw kami ni Pangs..

System Time: 1:13 PM
Pangs and I ate at A Venetto(?).. food was okay, service was great as well as their servings.. they're huge! we just doggy bagged the whole pasta 'cause we were already so full from the pizza.. we went after at SM to Buttons & Wraps and i bought some stuff for my scrapbook.. it's starting to become an expensive hobby.. but i'm super enjoying making my scrapbooks (though you can see from my end results when i had my good days or my bad days, hehe) and i'm optimistic that i'm improving, harhar.. i'm not really creative, i just enjoy pasting and cutting stuff hihihi.. i'm itching to go to Divisoria 'cause everything's so cheap there... (the mini flowers, buttons, laces, ribbons, organza, etc) hope i could go this weekend..

work na ulit ako.. pangs ko, i love you! i can't wait!

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