Friday, February 06, 2004

System Time: 9:08 AM
finished sistah's blog and i'm halfway through ruth's (next is erlyn's.. saya ko sa office ano? hehe).. ruth's blog got me singing champagne supernova again.. i just loved this song (past tense) back in highschool.. actually, i had an oasis phase back then, back on the what's the story, morning glory days.. but i also have their album after that, but it's not as classic as the 2nd.. (i also liked their first, forgot the album title)

/me kanta..

"coz people believe that they're gonna get away from the summerrrrrr... coz u and i, will live and die.. the world's still spinning round we don't know whyyyyyy.. why, why why whyyyyyyyyyyy"

hay. those were the days.

will finish reading ruth's blog. brb. (TGIF pala!)

onga pala ruth.. if you're reading this (sana tlga), i miss youuuuu. read more or less yung usapan nyo ni erlyn sa yahoogroups naten.. kasi, account i'm using is my sister's, and the moment i post my blog, nagdidisconnect na ako.. paminsan, naglilinger ako online (hehe), kaya medyo nabasa ko yung emails (pero konti lang).. hope you understand.. i read your blogs..copy it sa text file tas binabasa ko sa office..keep on posting uh.. *hugs* miss you sis..

and here's something i copied from her blog.. and she titled it.."something for bored peeps".. that's me! so here goes..

1.Have you ever been in love? yes
2.How do you know its love? i just do.
3.What makes you fall? hmm.. attentiveness.. thoughtfulness.. i fall in love easily..
4.What if your girlfriend/boyfriend is a bad
kisser? i'd teach him to be better. practice makes perfect :p
5.What turns you on (at 1st sight)? at 1st smell actually, pag mabango tsaka malinis tingnan hehe
6.Are you the jealous type? dati.. but i've changed.. or maybe dhel secure lang ako keh dex.. past bfs were jerks..
7.Body or brains? gosh ang hirap. LOL! can't decide haha
8.Do looks matter? well, only if i cringe everytime i look at him..or if i don't care to look at him at all.. lol
10.The perfect date? lots of laughter and love can make any date perfect
11.What do you have that will make a person fall
for you? i really don't know
12.Do you still believe in courtship? not really
13.Flowers or chocolates? tsokolat ^_^
14.Kiss on the first date? i don't think so
15.Sex on the first date? nyeks.
16.What would you do if you find out
that your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on
you? i'd break it off.. i'm not the "ipaglalaban-kita" type
17.Have you ever cheated on someone? hehe. kakarmahin na ko.
18.Fling or long term relationship? long term.
19.What do you think of holding hands in public? i don't think about it.
20.What do you think of kissing in public? i feel uneasy seeing people kiss in real life (not like when watching it on tv, ok lang yun).. kaya siguro ndi ako ma-PDA..i know nobody's watching but i still feel conscious bout kissing in public
21.What if your girlfriend/boyfriend is a
smoker? you'd have to ask MY bf this.
22.Ever fell in love with a friend of the same
sex? nope.
23. What would a girl/guy have to do to win your
heart? become my daily habit.
24. love song? i feel for you by kyla or lost in you by Ash
25. sad love song? dadalhin by regine hahaha.. "dadalhin lang pala ng hangin ang pangarap ko.." sad, sad sad.. lolz.. ay there's another one.. love to love you by the corrs.."i'd love to love you like you do me".. wawa yung kinakantahan :~(
26. would you answer this survey? i already did.

System Time: 10:57 AM
just remembered.. visited my site last night.. was sooo happy to see that the awful banners are gone.. i dunno if it'll stay that way.. i'm thinking of making a new site.. a dynamic one.. yeah, i know i haven't even finished the nakng site.. but i need to learn to make a data-driven site so i could make sites for small businesses.. plus, updating static pages are suuch a hassle.. need to make a site just like where i'd just log in and update away.. (i feel another unfinished project in the making).. nyways, back to work.. brb

System Time: 12:17 PM
..still reading The Valkyries.. it's about angels.. talking to them.. seeing them.. and rituals.. or routines as they are more commonly called.. there were times that i found the book disturbing.. it's frightening to think of Paulo Coelho's past.. but mostly, it's enlightening, like every Paulo Coelho book.. i greatly admire him, as a magus and as an evangelizer.. he's doing his part to spread the word.. i feel that i have to have a magic marker whenever i'm reading his books to highlite phrases that i feel i should know by heart..

System Time:3:32 PM
..will drop by Radix later.. will get my medical assistance and allowance.. la na ko peraaa wahaha.. just when i'm trying to save money, i feel as if the whole world is conspiring for me not to succeed.. there's my cousin's debut this saturday and lara's wedding on the 21st.. (both need gifts and a new dress) .. then Incubus is coming to Manila! waah still don't know if i'll go but i WAANT to.. i love incubus waah.. then Powerbooks just texted me a while ago and said that Shopaholic Ties the knot by Sophie Kinsella is gonna be available soon and asked if i would like to reserve.. of course, i did so that's another 500 bucks.. hayyy.. ano ba tohhh.. keh hirap talaga mag-ipon. -_-

System Time: 4:53 PM
still waiting for 5:15 for me to complete my 8 hours.. babay na rin.. have a good weekend! ^_^

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