Tuesday, February 24, 2004

My blog last February 20, 2004:

System Time: 4:09 PM
my blogs for this week have been destroyed. how sad. i saved it all in a disk, when i tried re-accessing it, it said "Disk is not formatted. Format it now?" fuck fuck fuck. hay.


kakadepress namaaaan. naipon pa kasi. badtrip! can't remember half of what i'd written there.. hay.

babay na. bye.

meron pala akong isang natira. yung kahapon, kasi asa hard disk, buti na lng ndi ko pa nilipat sa lecheng disk na yun. hmpft. sige. babay ulit.

teka. naiinis tlga ako. if you write blogs, i'm sure you would know how i'm feeling. kakainis pag nawawala. GRR. sige. babay na tlga.


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