Tuesday, February 24, 2004

My blog yesterday, February 23, 2004:

System Time: 9:27 AM
gud mawnin! almost didn't go to work today (monday blues) but i remembered that today is roni's interview in prumerica and i want to be here to see her..didn't hear from eboy but roni said that she'll also be interviewed later.. (yey!)

System Time: 11:58 AM
currently experiencing electricity fluctuations.. okay lang dito, meh UPS ako but it's kinda scary if the electricity fluctuates when we're inside an elevator.. nakagenerator lng kasi tas nagpapalit palit ng power source.. ay ang init. ay wala na namang kuryente.. ay meron na.. hehe scary.

System Time: 1:00 PM
ala palang pasok sa Wednesday (feb 25, edsa) buti na lng pumasok ako..kungdi 3 days lng ako hehe.. last saturday was lara's wedding.. ang saya.. not only the wedding but the fact that it's the first time dex and i've been together for one whole day since he got here last august.. after the wedding, we went back to lara's house to watch her open their wedding presents.. kakatawa, they got 4 oven toasters, 3 dish drainers, 3 starter sets, 3 rice cookers and a lot of other stuff that doubled.. lol! but they did get a tv, dvd player, washing machine, etc.. twas so cool to watch lara and jp open them up with people hollering their guesses as to what the gift is.. (ang gagaling manghula ng mga matatanda, lol).. yung paglector ko, meh times na yung priest na yung sumasagot kasi nawawala ako at ndi ko alam na ako na pala.. kasi naman adlib ng adlib yung pari lol..pero all in all okay naman daw sabi nila kate..

System Time: 2:07 PM
they're hereee! eboy and roni, i mean.. IT people are in a meeting so medyo maghihintay hintay pa sila.. teka.. labas din ako maya maya, kakabato naman dito eh..

System Time: 5:03 PM
mukhang kukunin si eboy.. she has a strong COBOL knowledge and maganda daw interview nya.. sana nga makuha siya para meh makasama ako dito hehe.. sana makuha rin si roni.. they still have one more person to interview, if that doesn't go well, they'll probably get roni.. c++ lang kasi gamit ni roni sa work, eh kelangan visual c++, vb and cobol..

System Time: 5:30 PM
hinihintay ako ni roni sa baba.. umalis na si eboy.. kasama pa kasi si hugey eh ayokong makita yung tao na yun. sige... babay na!

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