Sunday, February 15, 2004

My blog last February 13, 2004

System Time: 10:27 AM
.. people here at prumerica are listening to Joe's Love notes.. and after reading the letter, joe played my fave fave song.. "If i was the one" by Ruff Endz.. it's my song for .. hehe.. secret.. it's pre-valentines day and i don't want to let my thoughts wander to the brink of unfaithfulness.. but i still love the song.. i used to listen to it one whole day without getting tired of it.. i used to watch Centerstage just to hear that song.. (it's the song they dance to in the 'play')

since everyone's talking bout valentines day, i'm reading an all-time classic romantic novel by Judith McNaught... none other than "Whitney, My Love".. am supposed to be doing my VB (YES, I'M BACK IN VB, THANK GOD!) program but how could i concentrate with everyone talking 'bout heart-shaped donuts, sir dennis' flowered blouse and the singletons (old single ladies, *stifles a laugh*) having a ladies' night tonight.. i had to celebrate valentines in my own way, hence, the reading of this lovely loovelyy l-o-v-e ly novel.. (courtesy of #bookz in undernet.. i labyu sistah thanks for telling me 'bout the channel) i could hardly recall reading this particular Judith Mcnaught novel.. hmm.. maybe i haven't read this at all! it's just i've ALWAYS known Whitney, My Love.. perhaps i just imagined reading the book, lol..

System Time: 10:53 AM
everyone's not here.. so i took advantage of my solitude and called Jing, just to talk about lara's upcoming wedding.. you know, girl talk.. dresses, gifts.. we're both uneasy in wearing a dress so at least i found someone who would sympathize in my dilemma.. which reminds me...shit. i still have nothing to wear. >_<

basahin ko na lng muna yung whitney.

System Time: 1:33 PM
just realized it's Friday the 13th.. am not the superstitious type.. think i've deleted every single chain-email i've received, even after reading it from start to finish does not make me worry that anything bad that might happen to me could be 'caused by something as inconspicuous as a forwarded email..

still reading Whitney, though i was able to correct some bugs in my program in between chapters..(i'm the multi-tasking queen.. har har har)

i had this very, very weird dream last night.. i dreamed that ate chary and my cousin, kuya don were getting married.. lol! how creepy is that! everyone was there in my dream, like it was one of our normal family gatherings..i even had a fight with some of the people in "the church", and considering my war-freakedness, that just adds up to the normality of my the whole event.. i only remember bits and pieces, but that was mainly the general picture of my dream..i woke up uttering "ewww" and would probably look at my sister and kuya don a bit more vigilantly from now on.. lol! kadirs.

System Time: 3:28 PM
it's been a lucky friday the 13th for me so far.. all of the IT people are on another meeting so i'm left alone again.. so, so happy 'cause i could continue reading the novel.. hehe..

basa ulit! brb

ahh cripes. they're back. >_<

System Time: 5:06 PM
yey.. babay!

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