Wednesday, February 11, 2004

System Time: 2:38 PM
/me tingin sa Ties d Knot book ko.. waah.. it's taking all of my willpower not to go ahead and read it... i'm after all, supposed to be working..

ayun. nilagay ko ulit sa bag ko. makalimutan ko pa at maiwan ko dito.. baka atakihin ako sa inis pag nangyari yun lol..

ei.. ate ging told me she found my blog site in a google search for "ging espinosa" .. i tried it awhile ago and saw it on the 7th page.. it said "bangguu. ate ging called blah blah" hahaha.. everytime i mentioned her name on my blog, it would appear in the google web result.. kewl noh? lol

System Time: 3:14 PM
reading my Yahoo! email (only thru my phone).. wawa F4.. ndi na sila sikat lol! vanness, ken and jerry's movie flopped in Taiwan and in HK.. and vic's new album didn't sell that well either.. i think they should realize that they're only popular when their together.. the article i read compared their dismal 'success' to the release of 5566's cd which has sold more than 13,000 copies in HK (vic only sold 7,000).. eh kasi ngaaa 5566 yun, ndi naman sila nagsolo-solo.. ayan.. magsama na kasi kayong 4! lol! *affected ako mashadu*

System Time: 3:59 PM
..1 1/2 hours to go.. getting sleepy again.. -_-.. we're planning to go to baguio this march.. (dex and i).. meyydyo ayoko but dex really wants to go.. kakapagod kasi..sana kung 1 whole week.. tough luck..

ahh grr i wanna read Ties d Knot!!! >_<

System Time: 4:16 PM
..soooooooo sleeypiii -_-

System Time: 4:19 PM
i'll just tell you my wish list..(as in material things wish list)
1. me times three
2. five people you meet in heaven (err.. did i get the title right?)
3. summit books - 'mr. write', 'break-up diaries', and err.. forgot the other one.. i already have 'getting married'
4. catcher in the rye (hope i find this in IRC, #bookz, as sistah told me)

1. Coldplay (i want to become a legit fan hehe.. all i have are mp3s)
2. the new one from Incubus

1. free tickets to see Incubus this March
2. a new knapsack
3. a dress for Lara's wedding.. i'm going to be the Lector.. God, hope i don't screw up
4. share-a-load (penge load! lol)
5. a domain name

*sighs*.. so much for "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" lessons.. i'm a walking liability.. >_<

System Time: 4:51 PM
kung pwede ko lang ilatigo 'tong oras para kumaripas ng takbo eh duguan na siguro pwet nun.. waahhh ambagal..kanina ko pa iniisip kung magundertime na lng ako at umuwi na.. i only have 30+ minutes to go but it feels like a lifetime..

System Time: 5:13 PM
17,.. 17 minutes to go (sabay kulog) .. bwaharharrr (tawa ala count ng sesame)

System Time: 5:25 PM
babayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! *talon talon sa tuwa*

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