Wednesday, February 11, 2004

My blog yesterday, February 10, 2004:

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it's the first work day of the week for me.. didn't go to work (again) yesterday.. oh-uh.. is this going to be a weekly routine for me? waah.. me and mondays.. boo-hoo. they just don't go together.. -_-

watched the Grammy's yesterday.. my fave band (at the moment) Coldplay won.. forgot for what.. hehe.. what's important is that they did and even had a standing ovation when their name was called.. Evanescence won over 50 cent for Best New Artist.. 50 Cent even went up the stage briefly while Amy Lee started her speech.. dunno what HIS purpose was.. probably to tell the whole world that he's a sore loser.. Amy just said "Thank you, 50" .. good thing she didn't say "Thank you, 50, for being SUCH a goood sport". i would have.. (war freak ako eh lol)

System Time: 1:48 PM
arggh. am so sleypi. -_-

System Time: 2:10 PM
/me nguya ruffles habang nagbabasa ng Yahoo! news.. finished the 'Entertainment' section.. am now on the 'Technology' part.. uyy..magkakabagong GameCube, though '05 or '06 pa daw.. as if i'm interested, eh di ko man lang nalalaro yung PS2 ko.. basahin ko na rin.. la ko magawa eh..

System Time: 2:29 PM
chet ambagal ng oras. -_-

System Time: 4:13 PM
met ria.. kwento-kwento.. dami eh.. 'bout work (reresign na pala siya).. bout friends (resigned na pala si roni).. bout me (NDI PA KO RESIGNED HUHUHU lol).. si bheng kakasal na this march 1.. si eboy suicidal na.. (hahaha. sori. natawa ako eh).. si anshe nakausap si eboy, binuwisit din daw siya.. sabi ko nga, wag na nilang kausapin yung alang wentang taong yun.. ungrateful bitch.. /me hinga malalim *erase erase*

System Time: 4:36 PM
borrowed Smallville season 3 episodes from Sir Philbert.. hanggang episode 8 ata.. yeyyy.. meh papanoorin na ko..but i'll probably be able to watch these this weekend.. i watch the recorded chino/koreanovela shows when i get home..usually finish around 11 pm then sleep right after..tapos na yung Dolphin Bay tsaka In Love with Angel (ganda ng ending ng ILw/ Angel).. pinalit sa ILw/ Angel eh Starry, Starry Night.. it stars the same girl who played Angie in IL w/ Angel.. yung isa,.. Loving You ata title, am not sure.. koreanovela.. andun si Raymond from Winter Sonata..

System Time: 4:57 PM
yeyyy.. alis ako ng 5:15, punta muna ako Powerbooks before i meet dex.. bibilin ko na Ties the Knot woohoo! hanapin ko na rin yung Catcher in the Rye.. bye all!

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